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Why Your Cannabusiness Needs an Adaptive HR System

As the cannabis industry grows and cannabusiness owners put down roots, they will continue to face and navigate changes. Only businesses with effective and adaptive HR systems will be equipped to handle the shifting environment.

Historically, the cannabis industry was fraught with under-the-table dealings and legal roadblocks. Due to federal regulations, many cannabusinesses couldn’t even get bank accounts or loans.

Higher Yields Consulting Why Your Cannabusiness Needs an Adaptive HR System

Now, as more states legalize cannabis, the industry itself is becoming more formalized. While that’s good news in terms of more widespread acceptance and opportunities, it can also cause new, unexpected headaches for cannabusiness owners without adaptive HR systems in place.

Read on to learn more about ongoing changes in the cannabis industry and why you need an adaptive HR system. 

Changes in Employee Empowerment

Currently, medical-use cannabis is legal in 39 states and the District of Columbia, 21 of which (plus D.C.) have also legalized recreational cannabis. With this legalization comes a push from employees for more formalized HR policies to protect them from being taken advantage of. 

The more empowered cannabis employees feel, and the more formalized policies are enacted, the more cannabusiness owners will need to adjust in response. Adaptive HR systems, then, can position your business to proactively address your employees’ changing needs, thereby empowering both your employees and your business.

Cannabusinesses that don’t have adaptive HR systems to help them understand and respond to such policy changes will be left behind, especially as these developments aren’t always predictable. 

Unexpected Unionization in the Cannabis Industry

Normally, unionization in any industry comes after years of perceived unfair treatment. 

That’s not the case in New Mexico, where cannabis legalization is so recent that the state barely has any cannabis industry employees in the first place. Its Labor Peace Agreement is a great example of how industry changes can come seemingly out of left field.

Higher Yields Consulting Why Your Cannabusiness Needs an Adaptive HR System

Without an adaptive HR system, trying to navigate such regulations could be a huge thorn in your side. You’ll be on your own to understand new policies, communicate them to team members, and ensure your cannabusiness remains compliant. 

New Mexico is just one example of how quickly new regulations and policies can appear on the cannabis scene. More unanticipated changes are sure to follow, so make sure your cannabusiness is prepared to adapt when — not if — they do. 

Adaptive HR Systems Are Key

While unexpected developments like the Labor Peace Agreement are inevitable, no cannabusiness owner should have to deal with them directly. Instead, focus on what you do well and leave the rest to adaptive HR professionals. 

If you’re not part of a large organization or you don’t have strong investor backing, the best thing you can do is run lean and mean for now. Outsource what you can to expert industry service providers. If you have the resources, hire a lawyer to help you decipher new regulations as they appear. 

Even if your resources are limited, take advantage of the ones you have, giving priority to expert, adaptive HR professionals. More than just staffing and recruiting, HR is human capital management — and it’s essential to your success.

Whatever you do, don’t hand this off to an administrative assistant. Credentials matter; you need people who are specifically versed in human relations and whose attention isn’t focused on other aspects of the business. 

Don’t Cut Corners

Cutting corners on HR opens you up to all kinds of public exposure and negative chain reactions. Set your cannabusiness up for its best shot at success by prioritizing adaptive HR systems and professionals. Only then will you be prepared to swing at every curveball this ever-changing industry throws.

To learn more about our adaptive HR support services, contact us today.

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