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Shannon O’Mara
Director, Compliance
and Program Manager

Shannon O’Mara, Director of Compliance and Program Manager at Higher Yields Consulting, brings forth 3+ years of cannabis industry experience. With expertise in licensing and regulatory compliance, Shannon worked for a large multi-state operator in Pursuit and Development prior to joining the Higher Yields team. Her responsibilities included managing the successful submission of compliant cannabis license applications and overseeing the development and operationalization of awarded dispensary, cultivation, and processing facilities. Shannon has experience with both competitive and non-competitive application writing in various medical, adult-use and hemp markets, including being awarded a vertically integrated medical license in West Virginia comprised of one cultivation, one processing, and five dispensary licenses. Pursuit and Development requires oversight of all subject matter expertise, including public affairs, security, finance, and numerous other service departments to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and in compliance with all applicable state and local regulations.

At Higher Yields, Shannon oversees each client program to ensure successful outcomes and project completion. It is Shannon’s responsibility to support clients with clear and concise direction for crucial developmental steps in the execution of their cannabis goals. By highlighting internal developments of efficiency and external growth opportunities, it is her goal to increase client revenue acquisition and scalability. Shannon works with clients small and large, domestically and internationally, to ensure business goals are met in order to turn a dream into a tangible, successful reality.


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