Optimizing Your Cultivation With Adaptive Greenhouse Lights

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Among the various types of cannabis cultivations, greenhouse growing gives you the best of both worlds, so to speak. While leveraging natural climate and light resources to lower energy consumption, it also allows you to adapt the greenhouse lights and other environmental factors according to your plants’ needs.

With adaptive greenhouse lights, you ensure your plants receive just the right amount and type of light at all times. This improves the quality of your crop, with greater consistency in quality over time.

Higher Yields Consulting Optimizing Your Cultivation With Adaptive Greenhouse Lights
Image courtesy of Trinity Greenhouse

But adaptive greenhouse controls affect more than just plant growth. As Anthony Vilgiate, President at CABA Tech and Chief Technology Officer at AGxano, explains, adaptive lighting and other similar technology also impacts the overall growth and reputation of your cultivation itself. 

Here’s what you need to know about adaptive greenhouse lights and how adaptive technology like AGxano’s helps increase your yields and improve your entire cultivation. 

Understanding Adaptive Greenhouse Lights

Adaptive greenhouse lights — also known as adaptive daylight controls — take into account the light that already exists in the greenhouse and adjust to supplement the natural light, ensuring your plants receive exactly the right amount of light at all times.

These lights operate based on a target daily light integral (DLI), which is different for each crop, and a calculated photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) over a particular photoperiod. If the plants aren’t naturally receiving enough PPFD to reach the target DLI for the photoperiod, additional light must be supplemented.

According to Vilgiate, AGxano calculates all this using NASA’s satellite power data and quantum sensors placed throughout the greenhouse canopy. Since the lighting may not be uniform in every part of the greenhouse, it’s divided into quadrants with multiple sensors throughout.

Think of it like a Nest Thermostat for cannabis greenhouse lights — the calculations not only allow for real-time adjustments in the event of sudden cloud banks but also enable predictive adjustments for future cloud cover or other changes in weather and light. 

Increasing Quality, Reliability & Yield

Until very recently, the cannabis industry has largely been driven by gut feelings and user experience, neither of which are easy to quantify or articulate. But without tools like adaptive greenhouse lights, you risk spending too much on your lighting environment, costing not only money but also valuable time and energy. 

“You’re just wasting resources,” Vilgiate explains. “Your OPEX (operational expenses) go through the roof. And you’re not getting the maximum output you could from the square feet you’re licensed for.”

Higher Yields Consulting Optimizing Your Cultivation With Adaptive Greenhouse Lights     https://agxano.com/
Image courtesy of AGxano

Technology like AGxano’s, however, helps maximize your yield with automated processes like spectral tuning and light deprivation, which ensure plants receive the right spectrum and hours of light, respectively, for each stage of growth. 

Additionally, these tools make it possible to monitor genetic drift and maintain consistent terpene profiles and THC concentrations. That’s important because as the quality and consistency of your crop increases, so does your brand reputation — and in such a competitive industry, brand reputation is everything.

Future-Proofing Your Cultivation 

Adaptive greenhouse lights and related technology don’t just help you maximize yields. They also help future-proof your entire cultivation in several ways, including:

    • Energy efficiency. More efficient lighting enables you to reduce your demand on the grid. That way, you can stay compliant with energy use standards like California’s Title 24 without compromising your crop.
  • Machine learning. Adaptive daylight controls and spectral tuning are processes of constant refinement. Every greenhouse, crop, and yield is different, and technology like AGxano’s allows you to fine-tune your cultivation over time for more reliable and predictable results.
  • Intellectual property. Instead of storing your grow’s “secret sauce” in your master grower’s head, technology like AGxano’s allows you to quantify and replicate your processes. This makes it easier to scale, with one master grower overseeing multiple grows across the country from one software cloud.

Building a successful grow isn’t just about the quality of your cannabis itself — it’s also about protecting the longevity and reliability of your cannabusiness. And adaptive greenhouse lights play a key role in doing just that.

Getting Started with Adaptive Lights

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to optimize your existing grow, adaptive greenhouse lights can help you reduce energy consumption while increasing your brand reputation, yield, and overall cultivation quality. 

The first step is to schedule an environmental analysis to assess where you are now and where you want to be and determine which adaptive lighting options will help you get there. 

HYC is a licensed distributor of AGxano products. We’ve carefully vetted numerous companies so we can bring you only the very best in cannabis technology. Contact us today to find out how you can get AGxano’s adaptive lighting technology combined with global industry experience and consulting from Higher Yields.

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