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Marissa Cortes
director of compliance
& METRC Support Expert

Marissa Cortes is the Director of Compliance at Higher Yields Consulting (HYC). Aligning with compliance standards and principles is imperative to remain in business. She ensures that each HYC client maintains high compliance standards in order to build a solid reputation for their cannabusiness and to avoid costly penalties, fines, and more. As a result of her dedication to compliance assurance, HYC clients find that staff communication, consumer care, and the overall bottom line of their business are improved. Marissa also acts as the liaison between multiple entities that enforce cannabis regulatory requirements, from financial institutions and banks, to state, national, and global auditory officials. She is certified in cannabis compliance systems such as METRC, an elaborate tracking system that monitors the cannabis from seed to sale. METRC support is crucial to staying in compliance. Further, cannabis compliance must be intertwined in order to have a successful cannabusiness, and Marissa is the person at HYC who ensures that this happens. Her experience with compliance makes her an asset to any METRC support team. Additionally, Marissa works with cannabis companies to secure and renew applications and licenses at the dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation level. Marissa also collaborates with HYC’s marketing team to develop public relations, commerce, and business strategies to advance HYC’s position in the cannabis industry.

One of the accomplishments that Marissa is most proud of was being selected for the METRC User and Stakeholders Group. She has been an active member of the group since 2016 and continues to provide METRC support. This allows her the opportunity to provide her expertise to help develop initiatives for change that will improve cannabis compliance standards. Marissa has collaborated with the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), Department of Revenue to further the regulatory statutes of the cannabis industry as well to ensure the protection of the public and of the cannabis industry. She has been in the cannabis compliance business since 2013. Over the course of her career, she has helped mitigate cannabis companies being shut down, cannabis workers losing jobs, and cannabis businesses being fined an exponential amount of money. Marissa finds a delicate balance within each scenario using empathy, compassion, and relatability along with evidence-based facts and high business IQ. She also finds that the plant itself is an incredible resource that needs to be shared. She strives to do justice for cannabis and her contributions to the cannabis industry are far-reaching!

At work, home, or play, Marissa holds herself to a high set of standards and strives to treat others with the golden rule. Her kindness and gentle demeanor provide stability and relatability in a world that can be driven by isolation and the unknown. Like compliance, Marissa finds that providing checks and balances between personal and work life can be challenging and is a learning process! Her greatest pride is being a mother to her son. She finds extreme value in finding time for herself with self-care and wellness.


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