Tired of making cold calls and going from dispensary to dispensary looking for clients to sell your products to? Our marijuana wholesale services consulting team has over 300 contacts within the industry, who consistently have or need wholesale products. Contact us today for all your wholesale needs, let us take care of the stressful work while you concentrate on your business.


Higher Yields’ Marijuana Business Wholesale Consulting team specializes in providing integrated garden management services, and supply chain business solutions for retailers, wholesalers and infused products companies. We utilize years of industry experience to develop creative solutions that get results.

Once Higher Yields has helped their clients exceed the needs of their retail locations, the next piece of the puzzle is adding in reliable outlets for their wholesale products. Growing proven genetics and having consistent production through your facility will result in easily sellable products and access to liquidation methods. Don’t take away time from your managers and employees daily tasks by asking them to find these connections and resources to buy or sell extra products. Let them concentrate on their daily tasks while Higher Yields’ Marijuana Business Wholesale team makes this a quick, painless and profitable process. Our Marijuana Business Wholesale team has over 300 contacts within the industry. With members on both sides of supply and demand for wholesale products, you can’t go wrong.

In the marijuana industry it is crucial to always have options when it comes to products. Our wholesale and supply chain consultants always know who has and who needs products, but more importantly, when they will need them. With a reliable harvest schedule and expectations, businesses will know they have money in their pocket before they even begin the harvest process while those in need will have products locked down weeks in advance. Wholesaling can offer consistency in revenues and can also be a great way to develop relationships within the industry.

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