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To be a successful cannabis business especially during a pandemic it is essential to have compliant online presence. Designing and maintaining a website is the blooming beginnings of brand awareness and converting lookers into long term customers. 

Our website designers are tech savvy and highly versed the legal cannabis industry, we utilize all our information to best cultivate a stunning cannabis brand that correlates with both search engine optimization and your cannabusiness goals. 

At HYC we have an array of cannabis web design experts at the ready to assist you in navigating cannabis market strategies and increasing and converting online visitors.  

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cannabis website design

Instead of choosing a normal web designer, it is vital to choose a cannabis web designer that understands cannabis marketing compliance because the industry is heavily regulated both in person and online. For examplethis includes features like site visitor age restrictions and appropriate advertising. Higher Yields Consulting elegantly designs cannabis brand websites that find conscious and innovative ways to convert your target market to salesWe also provide e-commerce development and online ordering system implementation.  

While expressing your cannabis brand online whether you operate a dispensary or and e-commerce store it is crucial you have the bare necessities for a foundational website design, branding and creating an appealing marketing strategy. At HYC we believe branding owns the responsibility of creating emotional connections like trust and building awareness. We are devoted to designing cannabis website that will convert leads into long-term customers. We offer multiple web design packages to lead to your cannabis website to success including improving on design, developing design, cannabis SEO, content creation, and e-commerce conversion strategies. Our variety of design and strategy techniques will help you put your best foot forwardBe the FUTURE cannabis brand today! 

Express Your Brand Effectively
with Your Cannabusiness Website

It’s essential to create a design that expresses your brand’s persona effectively. It’s important for visitors to find information, be able to place an online order quickly and without any hassle. Poorly designed websites are useless, whether it be the navigation, poor or outdated information, or a complicated ordering process. Other turn-offs are amateur or DIY website builders like those offered through GoDaddy. Don’t underestimate you consumer’s savvy when it comes to professionalism. If your website shows you don’t care then why should consumers care about your business?

Below, are the following necessities in expressing your brand online whether you operate a dispensary or an e-commerce store.

1. Branding: Your cannabis graphic design and logo are responsible for creating an emotional connection with your customer. This emotional connection matters even more than customer satisfaction. This is critical. If you happen to be a cannabis dispensary you will need a dispensary web design that is current and appealing to your customers.

The other important aspects of effective branding are customer trust and awareness. Try to avoid graphic design and naming cliches, you’ll just blend in with the crowd.

2. Create appeal: Your cannabis web design along with the cannabis graphic design and logo are going to be your chance to really shine and to produce an emotional response from your potential client. Treat your website as an online brochure allowing visitors to browse and enjoy the experience. If you run a cannabis dispensary, your web design is critical. Customers are savvy and both value- and quality-oriented. If you can display your theme colors based on how your visitor’s feel upon entering, it can attract and retain them.

Leads will convert into long-term customers on your website, due to brand awareness and appeal. We can help express your brand by creating a persuasive website and effective online brand that will convert consumers.

Cannabis Branding
One of the most important aspects of a successful business is it's brand.

Employ Cannabis SEO

Another cannabis website design strategy is using cannabis SEO. When using cannabis SEO for design strategies, it’s more than putting keywords on a website, it’s about site structure.

Site structure is simply organizing your website for visitors to navigate effortlessly. Your website design is set in a hierarchy structure that interlinks well from one page to the next. Not only will visitors enjoy the seamless ride, but Google’s web crawlers will have an easier time finding your content.

In order to complete a prompt site structure, you’ll need to create topic categories that represent what your website is about. When you craft your dispensary web design, you can structure the site into shopping categories. These shopping categories can vary from flower to CBD oils.

However, your homepage can provide a pyramid interlinking structure by using three to four cornerstone content pages. These pages will lead to another page and then another until all your pages are interlinking with one another. This is the first step in structuring and designing your website to retain customers.

Also, effective cannabis SEO will drive more traffic to an online cannabis ordering system. When your cannabis web design has an effective and simple cannabis online ordering system your sales will increase. Your cannabusiness website can also begin to influence your customer’s buying decisions.

Consider a cannabis online ordering system where people can have an order that automatically updates every certain number of weeks and notifies them that their order is ready for pickup. It gives a simple online user experience that makes the user want to return for later purchases. Or a system which recognizes individual’s shopping patterns allowing you to target market even more effectively.

We’re able to integrate effective site structure, navigation and online ordering in your cannabis website. These are a myriad of design strategies we use to help businesses like yours at Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting.

Search Engine Optimization is a Must in the Cannabis Industry
Our team of in house marketers have years of combined SEO experience.

Utilize Content Writing in Your Cannabusiness Website

cannabis web designAside from utilizing cannabis SEO strategies, your website can begin to integrate cannabis related content copywriting. It’s important to choose the right font targeted to the right market that enhances the writing on the website. The type of font matters, especially if you’re a dispensary.

In creating a dispensary website design or any other cannabis website, you will need to choose fonts that resonate with the brand.

According to Google Web Developers, fonts are essential to great design, UX, and performance. Web fonts help with the overall performance strategy of an online website as well. Depending on how the fonts are optimized in the website, fonts can help reduce the page size and increase the on-page speed.

When you have the right font design to improve user experience, your content is accessible for the user to consume. Also, it is important to use the right cannabis writing for your brand’s website whether it is technical cannabis writing or medical cannabis writing.

As you use cannabis writing in your website, you’ll need to break up the content to reveal enough white space. The visitor will have a better time reading the content and will more likely want to return later.

The more cannabis web design strategies you use, like cannabis writing, the better your website will retain customers. Attractive cannabis writing helps improve the user’s experience that we integrate in our website as well, at Higher Yields Consulting.

Higher Yields Consulting does everything in cannabis website design to attract and covert your visitors into customers. Cannabis writing design from choosing fonts to placing content correctly is a design strategy we utilize to increase brand authority.

Higher Yields Consulting Can Help Improve
Your Cannabis Website Design

In your cannabis website, it’s necessary to use these strategies from creating a cannabis graphic to creating a cannabis logo. These web design strategies are only scratching the surface. We use more than these design techniques to help attract visitors to any website.

There is a certain pleasure you can take in knowing that you’ve put your best foot forward in the online world. At Higher Yields our goal is to make any cannabis website look the best.

We hope that you have learned a lot and take the time to build a high converting cannabis website.


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