Marijuana Products &
Production Services

Retail, extraction, and garden design determines the workflow of daily operations, and has the potential to optimize cultivation facility production and trim operation costs. Our team of design engineers, architects, and general contractors specialize in land development and customizing your facility to meet the needs of your marijuana products. HYC will provide essential expert guidance and delivery services for design, permitting, construction, garden management, and training.

Marijuana Product & Operations Services

Our Design Build Operations services put you above the competition right from the start. We can assist you in building your personal dream cannabis grow to to premier, commercial-grade cannabis products. We are with you from beginning blueprints, sourcing equipment, project plans, and financial models all the way to your first day on your own!


In a rapidly expanding and competitive market, real estate acquisition allows businesses the opportunity to grow. Our consultants boasts extensive commercial real estate experience, positioning them to seek out quality cannabis property investments for clients. We help you recognize opportunity – identifying, analyzing, and for the success of your marijuana products.


A cannabis cultivation grow is the foundation of any successful cannabis business. Holistic marijuana products and cultivation design determines the workflow of daily operations, optimization of facility production, and the ability to decrease operating costs. Producing stunning, consistent, and high-quality product takes time and experience. We will customize your cannabis facility from the ground up. Our design team of cannabis engineers, architects, contractors, and master growers blend their unique expertise to design and build your cannabis business state-of-the-art facilities with the highest yields of marijuana products in the world.


Our cannabis cultivation management and training services alleviate your learning curve at an affordable rate, cutting overhead and increasing profits. Our training methods and materials ensure your cannabis team is highly effective at maximizing the profitability of your marijuana products. Cannabis facilities benefit from working with cultivation trainers from the start – learning industry best practices and most efficient processes from the experts. With our HYC cultivation management and training services, you will be operating at maximum efficiency on day one!


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