We help our clients continue to flourish and grow beyond their initial investments with our marijuana grow consulting services. Our consultants identify growth opportunities and provide a proprietary assessment and opportunity audit (HYC Quik Starter Program) that enables organizations to visualize where opportunities for growth and continuous improvement exist.


Business Development is fundamental to the lifelong cannabis brands we believe in building and core to what it means to be a successful business. Higher Yields Business Development team is equipped to handle your cannabis business investments at any stage. From startup assessments, grow consulting, vetted funding networks, financial tracking, and full business development evaluations and strategy, we are here to assist your cannabusiness through our cannabis grow consulting.


Starting in the cannabis industry is limitless opportunity. One of the first steps is knowing whether your real estate is in a cannabis approved zone. Many non-cannabis financial entities or agents do not know how to properly evaluate the zoning laws or the true value of your property as a cannabusiness. We make it easy with our Green Zone Assessment.


The cannabis legalization process and its social equity programs are meant to bring prosperity, raise health awareness, and highlight diverse communities on the state’s radar. Not all legalization programs are created equal and cannabusiness entrepreneurs can often come up short due to governmental issues and the instability of the market. The Pivot Program is the opportunity for entrepreneurs and social equity applicants to reassess their goals, cannabis investments, and find true success in the cannabis industry.


Data analysis and collection helps guide cannabis owners and operators to make informed investment and expansion decisions. At HYC, our Data Analysis Program provides clients with real, unbiased, and actionable data you can utilize as your company grows. Our Data Analysis Program throws a wide net to collect both internal and external data to provide you with key insights into brand and product margins, retail pricing, and marketplace opportunities. Our analysts mission it to assist you in creating business strategies guided by intelligence and reason.


With a quickly budding cannabis industry comes a new crop of investors. The HYC Jump-In Assessment is a valuable tool for new investors looking to buy currently operating businesses. The Jump-In Assessment is a 144-point data analysis tool that helps cannabis businesses identify their gaps from a people-process-technology standpoint. Our analysis quickly identifies what needs to be corrected within a cannabis business, how to fix it, and a focus road map on time and investments. Our HYC Jump-In Assessment provides 100% transparency and a guide to due diligence.


Federal legislation prevents marijuana-related businesses from openly banking, creating a cash crisis and public safety issues within the industry. Our HYC marijuana compliance banking experts have devised a program integrating both current state and federal regulations. HYC has innovated a compliant cannabis banking platform that will help your cannabis business navigate the complexities of banking in a high-risk industry.
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