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Is your business looking for professional marijuana distribution services, does your dispensary or garden need wholesale services? Does your business need a website, branding, product packaging or other design services? Look no further, our team of experienced consultants can help your business distribute your product professionally and efficiently. Our sales, marketing, and branding services build a reputation of quality and consistency. Search Engine Optimization services increase foot traffic for stores, and marketing campaigns increase brand awareness and boost retail shelf space.


Perhaps the most important aspect and often the most overlooked aspect for cannabis business is branding. Branding is your business' personality, the face you show the cannabis world. Good branding will set you apart from your peers and also increase your profits if done correctly. Higher Yields has a team of branding experts and graphic designers with decades of combined experience. Tell the cannabis world who you are with branding services from an industry expert.


With a brand new industry very much still in it's infancy, it's hard to look to the past for answers as far as marketing strategies. However, it's a perfect time to get a jump on the competition and be successful. Higher Yields and their partners have years of combined experience owning and marketing businesses both in the marijuana market and outside. Although it may all seem so simple, it can be quite overwhelming. Having a clear strategy, the time and know-how is not very easy while trying to run a garden or business at the same time. Our marketing team is well versed in online and print marketing techniques, from websites to branding to promote your brand and expand you product and customer base.


Let's cut to the chase, you most likely WILL be judged by your website. In today's world, many potential clients will find you online. Your website is your first impression in today's world, so why underwhelm potential clients? Often times it's your only chance to make an impression, obviously, it's important to invest your time and money into an effective and professional online presence. Your website has to be built well to truly compete, poor looking and functioning websites in 2016 are not acceptable. Website design can be a very rewarding experience, that being said, in order to do it right it does involve hard work, knowledge and of course time.


Having a great looking website and a great product is a good start but without SEO you might as well put a billboard on the moon, no one will find you. Our team of experts have years of experience in organic search engine optimization strategies. Be found and be heard with our Search Engine Optimization services.


Love it or hate it Social Media is a must for your cannabis business. Networks like Facebook and Instagram can increase your ability to get leads, promote a product, and to establish your brand identity. To make matters more complicated most social networks do not allow for the normal advertising and promotion with more accept products. Not to worry Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting has just the right Social Media strategy for your growing cannabusiness.


An integral part of brand development is custom product packaging. Our marketing team will help your brand stand out and distinguish your product from competitors. We will design and execute product packaging for your cannabis business, adding-value and recognition to your brand.
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Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.


Schedule a Free initial consultation

Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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