Cannabis Branding Services: A Branding Guide by Higher Yields Consulting

An Overview of How to Create a meaningful
Cannabis Brand for Cannabis Business Owners

In designing your cannabis brand it’s important to get things right. You only have one shot. Many times, cannabis businesses are busy doing all the other operations and find themselves unable to effectively create a cannabis brand that is going to resonate with their customers.

How can you create an impactful experience of a lifetime with cannabis branding?

In any type of cannabis business, there are always basic guidelines to start off with. It’s daunting to do all the initial work yourself as there are a million other business operations to take care of.

Higher Yields Consulting can take care of all your cannabis branding needs from cannabis design principles to cannabis architecture design principles and create a moving experience for the consumer.

We’ll take you through the following steps such as understanding the laws, defining your cannabis brand, creating a brand strategy, building a cannabis design process, and finding a cannabis brand agency that’s right for you.

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Understanding the Laws
Before Creating a Cannabis Brand

It is important to follow the cannabis laws in your local state to keep your business compliant, especially if you’re wanting to build a cannabis brand that will withstand the test of time. If you make one error or stray from any state law, that will be enough to wipe out your entire company, much less your brand.

According to the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) there are specific requirements to follow in building your cannabis brand:

  • Cannabis businesses must create a cannabis brand that’s designed for adults aged 21 or older.
  • Cannabis businesses must stay clear of brand sponsorships, celebrity endorsements and using cartoon characters in their logos and packaging.
  • Cannabis businesses must make sure the colors they choose in building a cannabis brand aren’t attractive to small children.

When building a cannabis brand, it’s about giving your business a personality. It’s about representing an identity that’s professional and appropriate for the right legal market. These requirements are the foundations to keep in mind before creating a cannabis brand. Now that you understand the requirements, it’s time to start creating your cannabis brand that resonates with your consumers.

Define your Cannabis Brand

To begin creating a cannabis brand, you’ll need to explore these questions about your business in order to define it. After you answer these questions, you will have a better idea of what market you want to serve and how you want to present your cannabis brand to your consumers.

  • What is the mission of your cannabis business?
  • How do your cannabis products benefit the consumer?
  • What will the consumer think of when he or she sees your brand?
  • What emotion do you want to convey to your consumer?
  • What demographic is your business targeting?

Once you answer these questions, you will need to choose a trademark and then make sure that no one else has the same one by exploring the trademark database.


The legal cannabis industry is very young and competitive with many businesses selling the same or similar products. How does a business set themselves apart from the competition? The quality of the products or services they offer and their brand, both being equally important to continued success. Why would a customer pick your strains over the competitors, what sets your Northern Lights apart from another company’s Northern Lights? All things being equal what sets businesses apart is a strong brand. Not an OK brand, or half decent brand, a strong brand is essential.

Start Searching for Your Cannabis Branding Agency

As you build a cannabis business from the ground up, it’s can be overwhelming to fill in all the nuts and bolts. Cannabis branding is only one small part of building a business, but it’s one of the most important parts. It’s why choosing the right cannabis brand agency is important. If you have another person do the cannabis branding for you then it’ll make everything easier for you in the long run. Higher Yields Consulting can help you with cannabis branding by ensuring it is compliant and it appeals to the right legal market.

Create a Strategy to Build Out
your Cannabis Branding

Cannabis branding is more than just defining your cannabis business. There are numerous of cannabis brands out there that you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Your cannabis business must have a branding strategy. The following strategies can help to set your business apart from all the rest:

  • Create a plan: Start building a plan of how your brand’s message is delivered and the market you’re delivering it to.
  • Social Media: Ensure your brand is consistent throughout social media channels and has an identity.
  • Make sure your brand transfers well to different kinds of advertising media: Ensure that your brand is communicated appropriately to consumers using both images and words.

A cannabis branding strategy will help you evaluate your delivery toward your intended target market. Another way to build up a strong cannabis brand is through cannabis package design.

Beginning the Cannabis Design Process

Whether creating a unique cannabis package design for your product or designing an appealing cannabis architecture design for your business, it’s imperative to keep your cannabis design consistent and appealing.

1) Design logos, fonts, and templates

When designing a logo, it’s important to choose one that is both appropriate and professional. It’s also important to ensure that the color theme is consistent with all other products like templates, clothing, and graphics.

2) Cannabis Architecture Design

As you design a cannabis architecture for a brick and mortar business, keep in mind the kind of color you want customers to see as they walk in. What do you want them to feel as they walk in? Understanding specific factors like these will improve the cannabis architecture for your cannabis business.

Other factors to consider when you are considering where to build your business are staying in compliance with construction standards, safety standards, and zoning standards. It’s necessary to keep these factors in mind as you design your brand around a brick and mortar building, whether it’s a dispensary facility or an extraction facility.

3) Cannabis Package Design (Vapes, Extracts, Edibles, etc.)

Cannabis package design will be needed for all sorts of the cannabis products that are sold in your business including vapes, extracts, edibles, and tinctures. Keep in mind when you are designing your packaging that you have a short amount of time to capture the consumer with the design of your cannabis products.

Your business’s cannabis package design must be compliant and abide by your state’s packaging requirements. Each state has different labeling laws that you’ll need to investigate to make sure your business complies with.

If all this sounds intimidating and you don’t want to do the work yourself, then work with a cannabis brand agency that will help set your business apart from the crowd. Higher Yields Consulting can help keep your business compliant with all zoning and safety standards, all the while ensuring your cannabis branding is attractive.

The Future of Cannabis Branding

In conclusion, cannabis branding is about giving your business an identity. This identity is manifested in cannabis package design, cannabis architecture design, and online cannabis design. The cannabis industry will continue to change as will cannabis branding overtime. By following these guidelines. your cannabis brand will make a difference.

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