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Investing in Cannabis in 2020

Investing in cannabis doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve put together a handy guide to get you started — from legality, to identifying opportunity, and maximizing ROI.

A guide for investing in cannabis

The word “investment” might induce fear and panic in a consumer’s or investor’s mind. The main reason is fear of losing money, so many people don’t even think about acting on investing – especially in the cannabis industry. They don’t know where to start, what to do, or what they need to know. But don’t let fear and ignorance stop you from substantial opportunity! Higher Yields Cannabis can help you understand where and how to invest in the industry.

Higher Yields Consulting (HYC) understands the fears that are associated with investing in cannabis. HYC also understands the potential for growth by investing in the cannabis industry! HYC has an experienced team of investors with experience in data and stock market analytics. HYC takes a calculated approach to determine return on investments. By creating infrastructures from stock market data in order to provide objective information, HYC can provide the next best step and guide you to a profitable outcome. HYC recognizes that there are varying levels of comfort and commitment when it comes to investing (whether it be with the stock market, cannabis company, product or business). HYC takes an individualized approach to all clients based off their needs, wants and resources. Higher Yields Consulting can help you develop a plan to enter into cannabis investing to best support your comfort in investment while also matching your economic position.

Are You Interestested in Investing in Cannabis?

Investment simply means distributing funds to an asset or allocating capital to a venture (business, project, real estate etc.,) with the expectation of producing a profit. Let’s look at some facts about the cannabis industry and investments.

-in 2019 there was an increase of 45.7% in sales worldwide, but only a 17 % increase in 2018?!

-in the USA, the cannabis market is valued between 40-50 billion dollars and has an expectation to grow to 80 billion dollars (assuming national availability)?!

-2020 is projected to have a 38.8% increase in sales worldwide?!

-2024 is projected to reach $42.7 billion, with an increase of 26.9 % in compound annual growth from 2018?!

-66 % of survey respondents now support legalizing marijuana (a record high)?!

-the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill (which made industrial hemp a lawful agricultural commodity) could help the industry generate an estimated 1.6 billion dollars in revenue?!

-the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking for ways to legalize the sale of cannabis products in food and beverages that could help companies sell products across state lines?!

Is investing in cannabis illegal?

Recent updates in federal law – specifically the most recent Farm Bill, officially defines industrial hemp as having less than 0.03% THC. The 2018 Farm Bill freed hemp from any association to marijuana.

Signing this bill now makes hemp an ordinary agricultural commodity and now farmers can have access to water rights, grants, banking, crop insurance and many more benefits.

Since the federal law updated this significant change, interest in hemp and cannabis investing could have a dramatic rise in the US.
Again, is investing in cannabis illegal? This will depend on your specific local state laws and the amount of risk you’re willing to take – in early phases.

Higher Yields Consulting is experienced in navigating potential risks and can help you decide how to best decide which companies to go after through marijuana investing strategies.

Investing in cannabis for beginners - where to start?

One of the quickest ways to begin cannabis investing is to put your money into the cannabis companies listed on the stock exchange.
The Marijuana Index lists close to 400 cannabis companies on the stock exchange which you can invest in – right now.

Types of businesses in the cannabis industry – to invest in – include:
• Agriculture technology.
• Ancillary products and services.
• Biotechnology.
• Consulting services.
• Consumption devices.
• Cultivation & retail.
• Cannabis products and extractions.
• Holding companies.
• Industrial hemp.
• Organic farms.
• And more.

How Do You Start Investing in Cannabis?

How to start investing in marijuana begins with thoroughly analyzing available opportunities. Make a list of how you imagine yourself investing in marijuana and start narrowing your list down.

If you need help deciding how to best focus your efforts in investing in cannabis, Higher Yields Consulting can help you at every step of the cannabis investing journey.

Higher Yields Consulting offers cannabis consulting services to most all related marijuana businesses.

How to start investing in cannabis stocks

If you’re not ready to invest at higher levels, you can begin investing in cannabis by investing in marijuana stocks.

Investing in marijuana stocks requires a few steps. You must first register with an accountant like e-traders. Then you can add money to your investing account. Once you have money on your investing account, you can begin buying and selling one of 200 marijuana stocks – currently on the stock exchange.

What are the risks of investing in cannabis?

Marijuana is a new market and subject to high volatility and subjective regulations. Before considering investing in cannabis, make sure you understand all levels of the law.

Minimize risk by complying with federal, state, and local laws. Consult with cannabis consulting companies to help guide you to make the process as smooth as reasonably achievable.

Higher Yields Consulting has a combined 50+ years of combines experience in helping small and large cannabis companies succeed. Reducing risk helps lay the foundation for maximum success.

How to Get a Handle on Investing
to Give You a Large ROI

Marijuana businesses will continue to flourish and become more structured as legalization approaches on a larger scale. This gives you opportunities to invest intelligently on the companies that will stay in the industry in the long run.

Smart investing is only half the battle as you need to craft strategy plans and analyze trends that will occur over time.

At Higher Yields Consulting we can craft your investment strategy to get your return on your investment. We have built and managed portfolios of our own. You can trust our consultant experts on investment as we take care of the hard work for you to succeed in this ever-changing market.


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