Hot States – Is Your State Hot or Not?: Marijuana Legalization Is Falling Behind in These Lagging States

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On the long road to marijuana legalization, there are often bumps. For lagging states, these bumps may be substantial. As a result, the passage and implementation of 420-friendly legislation can be impeded.

Higher Yields Consulting Hot States: Marijuana Legalization Is Falling Behind in These Lagging States

In a few states, it seems that all hope is lost. Lawmakers introduce bill after bill, with each seemingly destined for failure. Other states, however, show great promise. These hopeful states just need a gentle push to cross the finish line.

Here’s what we expect to see from these lagging states in the future.

Hope Remains for Marijuana Legalization 

There are states in which cannabis is still fully illegal. However, some of these states show promise due to their hemp and CBD markets. 

Wyoming, for example, doesn’t have a medical or recreational market, but the state does allow hemp products. Although Wyoming has yet to pass formal marijuana legalization legislation, the openness afforded to hemp and CBD products is a glimmer of hope.

Similarly, the state of Kansas has no laws in place to facilitate the use of medical cannabis. Fortunately, hope still exists. Lawmakers in the Sunflower State have begun pushing to introduce medical cannabis legislation. The fact that the issue has drawn bipartisan support suggests a 420-friendly 2021.

What Will It Take to Get These States Moving?

Kansas and Wyoming are just two examples of states where marijuana legalization is probable. But what will it take to turn these lagging states into ballot states?

In order to legalize cannabis, it first needs to win in the court of public opinion. Here at Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting, we understand this, and we’re taking action to increase public support and awareness.

In many states where cannabis remains outlawed, government officials and the public alike share misconceptions about marijuana legalization. Our efforts focus on correcting those false beliefs. By educating and collaborating with legislators, it’s possible to build communities that will welcome a medical — or even recreational — market.

States Without Hope

Unfortunately, some states show less promise and have simply lost all hope. Idaho, for instance, has recently struck a blow against marijuana legalization by advancing a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit legalization. 

Although Idaho is totally surrounded by medical and recreational states, lawmakers are determined to bar cannabis legalization. If the amendment passes the Idaho House and Senate, it would be up to the voters in November 2022 to make the final decision.

Not all no-hope states have failed to legalize any form of cannabis. In fact, Texas is technically a medical marijuana state. We still classify it as a no-hope state because its low-THC medical cannabis program — the Texas Compassionate Use Act — is really just a glorified CBD program. 

The Lone Star State requires that CBD products contain no more than 0.3% THC. With a medical cannabis card, patients are allowed to use products that contain — get ready for this — a whopping 0.5% THC.

According to the experts, these lagging states have no hope… for now. We’ll keep track of what’s going on in these states, and if something changes, you’ll be the first to know.

Marijuana Legalization Going Forward

Although hope may be lost in some of these lagging states, the same can’t be said for would-be operators that live there. Fortunately, there are plenty of out-of-state options to be explored.

When it comes to operating in another state, one of the biggest obstacles is the residency requirement. Some states don’t have such a requirement, so you can easily set up shop there. For states that do have a residency requirement, you can find a partner living in that state and go into business together.

Higher Yields Consulting Hot States: Marijuana Legalization Is Falling Behind in These Lagging States

In spite of these lagging states, medical or recreational programs have still become popular across the majority of the country. To see where your state falls, stay tuned for the rest of our Hot States series.

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