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Cannabis Design-Build &
Grow Ops Services

Higher Yields Consulting Design and Build team is fully equipped to assist you in achieving your dream cultivation, greenhouse, extraction, or dispensary. Our experienced operations team has handled cannabis design and build from personal grow ops to massive commercial warehouse builds.

Can HYC Design & Build a Cutting Edge
Grow Ops Facility for my Business?

100x Yes! We work you through our proven 5 Phase HYC Design and Build Program. Starting with Design, Preparation, Build Project Management, Installation & Set-up, Grow Ops, Management Services, and Production Training. Our on-staff project managers and engineers work for YOU to source the best of the best architects and other contractors to design and build customizedefficient, and high-performing cannabis grow ops. We can help you through your entire journey with 

  • BlueprintsFinal templated drawings created by licensed architects and engineers. This template will provide a framework for how to develop a facility of similar size and the drawings will have already been approved under International building codes. Including space allocation, risk mitigation, workflow considerations, and equipment locations, drawings will act as a strong foundation for your perfect grow ops and cultivation facility.
  • Equipment and Resources Summary Bid:  Based on the template our team will provide a bid outlining the equipment requirements for a buildout of this nature, the estimated cost of those items, an estimated cost of the labor requirements for buildout. Bid template will not include potential site improvement requirements. Bid will include estimated bids for; architecture, engineering, electricity, HVAC, plumbing, general construction, lights, dehumidification, Heating and Cooling systems, tables/racks, fans, ducting and more.
  • Project PlanDetailed and itemized project plan that outlines the tasks required to oversee a commercial construction project of this size. Project plan will outline: Tasks, roles, responsibilities, priorities,
    notes and area for attachments and artifacts.
  • Financial Model: Completed financial model for your grow ops and cultivation facility based on market research, state data and industry expertise. Final model will include customizable model and training to allow client the ability to adjust HYC assumptions, Pro Forma, P&L, balance sheet, capital expenditures. 

We provide all the tools you need to get your cannabis grow ops designed and built. We take you through our 5 Phase HYC Design and Build model to make sure we cover all the bases. As our client you deserve and will receive excellent, timely, and transparent service and throughout the entire process. Start Your Cannabis Journey with Us today.


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Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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