Green Growing: Maximizing Energy Efficiency to Improve Your Cannabusiness

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The world as we know it is changing, and energy has become a precious and increasingly scarce resource. In order to stay profitable, cannabusinesses must look to cut back on energy use wherever possible. Green growing presents a solution that’s both easy on the environment and on your wallet.

Green Growing: Energy Efficiency in Cannabis Cultivation

Designing your grows to be energy efficient rewards your business in the long run. Less energy and higher quality plants mean more cash in your pocket at the end of the quarter.

Here’s how your cannabusiness can get started growing green.

The Benefits of Green Growing

Today, one of the easiest and most popular ways to boost energy efficiency is to make the switch to LED lighting. These energy-efficient lighting systems use at least 75% less energy and last about 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. LEDs are the premier lighting option for conserving energy as well as cash.

Although energy-efficient lighting is crucial for designing green grows, it’s not the only important factor. Quality HVAC systems also play a significant role in cutting energy costs and improving the quality of your plants.

For a typical indoor grow, venting, cooling, and dehumidification account for more than 50% of all energy needs. HVAC systems are crucial to successful cannabusinesses, but they can get expensive quickly. Opting for more energy-efficient HVAC systems and processes can save you quite a bit of money and help create the best environment for growing the best cannabis.

Many cutting-edge HVAC systems take out much of the uncertainty and risk associated with growing cannabis. These modern systems give growers stability and peace of mind by allowing them to monitor and control HVAC operations from a mobile app. Being able to tap into the system and make adjustments at any time takes some of the stress out of growing and results in fewer hiccups along the way.

Green growing isn’t just a one-and-done sort of deal. Instead, it’s an ongoing process of constant improvement — similar to the Japanese philosophy of kaizen. Over time, technology will change and get better. When it does, your operation will be ready to adapt and improve with ease.

Green growing is a profitable endeavor for any cannabusiness, but lower energy bills and higher quality plants aren’t the only benefits. In fact, preserving the environment is the most rewarding benefit of all. A healthy planet ensures that customers can enjoy your cannabis for years to come.

How to Start Growing Green

Every grow is different, so no two designs will be exactly the same. However, at Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting we have a formula for developing green operations that fit your current situation and easily allow for growth in the future.

The most important aspect of making your operation more efficient is understanding your environment. Understand the strengths and risks of each location. Capitalize on the strengths and make the risks less risky to ensure the environment helps your operation instead of hurting it.

For example, we’re working on a project in Jamaica where we’d like to take advantage of the abundant natural light. However, inclement weather and power outages are also common in the region, so we have to make the operation strong and self-reliant in terms of power. Furthermore, we can’t prevent hurricanes, but additional insurance coverage provides comforting security in the event of a disaster.

Maintaining operational and design flexibility also plays a huge role in green growing. We’re currently in the middle of a pandemic and resources are scarce. For the sake of getting your cannabusiness up and running quickly, it might be necessary to adjust efficiency goals to be more realistic. Once high-quality materials are available again, then you can update and improve your operation.

Green Growing: Energy Efficiency in Cannabis Cultivation

At the end of the day, we as cannabis producers are making a consumable product. If someone gets sick, it’s on us, so we have to take great care in the design and development of our facilities. While some buildings (like a factory or mechanic’s shop)  can easily be converted, others (like an old barn) simply can’t serve as a growth facility.

However, with enough time, money, and effort, any cannabusiness can be growing profitably and sustainably.

Is Green Growing Right for Your Cannabusiness?

Amidst a changing climate, it’s becoming more expensive to grow cannabis. While cannabis has the power to help people — like it helped me stop drinking — it can only do so if the industry remains financially and ecologically viable. Developing energy-efficient grows will ease the environmental burden as well as the financial one.

Unfortunately, green growing is not as easy as it looks. If it were, everyone would already be doing it. In order for your business to develop and employ the proper design, you need a team of informed and experienced experts who know the science. Luckily, we have just the team.

Book a consultation today and learn how your business can thrive with green growing.

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