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Dionne Carroll
Design Build Engineer

Dionne Carroll puts the ideas together to create the image for Higher Yields Consulting (HYC) clients. Dionne works with the client to derive all design, layout and function details for their cannabis business. Dionne thoughtfully considers the clients budget, intended workflow process and how equipment will be integrated into the design. Dionne ensures that all rules and regulations are adhered to in every step and change of the design. Dionne then takes these ideas and information to create a floorplan that will best suit the client. Dionne collaborates with other members of the HYC team to ensure that layouts can be submitted for approval. Dionne brings usability to the cannabis space ensuring ergonomic design and a pleasing aesthetic for the HYC client. Dionne also supports project management components within HYC. 


Dionne received her formal education at Purdue University in multidisciplinary engineering and product lifecycle management. She has continued honing her craft through work and personal experience. Intrinsic motivation plays a large role in Dionne’s attitude towards her work. She prides herself on her ability to stay focused and maintaining positive energy to yield successful outcomes and designs. She is most proud of her ability to take an idea and bring it to life. Dionne enjoys learning from the creative process and applying scientific strategies to develop a functioning design, process and/or layout. She has collected a variety of experiences that allows her to develop new skills and build upon old ones. Dionne uses previous experiences as learning opportunities to help her forge ahead and improve at all levels. Dionne has designed communication plans for residential and commercial designs, created technical drawings for landscape evaluations, and worked within the aerospace industry. She has provided process and design strategies for repair and installation, provided onsite trainings and justified costs for parts by suppliers. Dionne is consistently adapting her skillset to the ever-evolving world within the cannabis industry. Her hard work is rewarded by the opportunity to see successful outcomes using her designs and methods. Dionne is proud that one of her process designs allowed a company to move from singularly weighing cannabis to an assembly process that now boasts 22 stores. 

Dionne is excited about the potential that the cannabis industry can bring to the design and process industry. Because the legalized industry is so new, there is so much opportunity to create revolutionary designs, processes and products. From adapting current designs, policies and products to creating new concepts, Dionne is excited to be a part of this change. The industry is ever evolving as more research and application are conducted. Dionne is excited to take her design experience and apply it specifically to the cannabis industry, including compliance to regulatory statutes. Dionne has an eye for identifying opportunities for growth, both within herself and the industry. She has developed a product with a provisional patent that is intended to enhance cannabis output quality and is looking forward to creating more solutions within the industry for future progress. 

Dionne believes that kindness is a universal language we can all speak. She has been brought up to help other people when able and to contribute to her society and community. Her grandfather had created a food drive when she was a small child that continues to this day, every Saturday. While no longer in the same area, Dionne is working towards other volunteer opportunities to continue this circle of kindness. Dionne also enjoys an eclectic mixture of music, embracing all sounds and rhythms. She can also be found enjoying the movie scene from comedies to science fiction. 



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