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Creating an Infrastructure for Publicly Traded Cannabis Companies in 2019

Getting Your Marijuana Business Stock
into The Hands of Public Shareholders

It’s the marijuana companies that make the industry what it is today, especially the publicly traded cannabis companies. If your marijuana business is ready to join other publicly traded cannabis companies and become a part of an even larger market, then keep reading.

We at Higher Yields Consulting help businesses throughout the United States and from all over the world with their marijuana company from sales to putting their company into the stock market. We’ll guide you through the necessary steps to becoming a publicly traded cannabis company as a business and we’ll also identify the best marijuana stocks for investors in 2019.

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What Does it Mean
to be a publicly traded cannabis company?

Publicly traded cannabis companies are those who convert their business into shares for individuals to trade through a stock exchange and through an over the counter stock market. They are essentially stocks on the market that anyone can buy, exchange and trade openly.

As a publicly traded marijuana company, there are new companies putting their own business stocks into the market. Whether you or another company puts their stock up to buy or trade, your stock has the potential to increase in value overtime.

However, it’s the right company that will prevail. The marijuana industry is starting slowly, so it can be tempting for many individuals to buy stocks. Although we don’t recommend anyone buying stocks immediately after the company is in business for one year, it solely depends on the structure of the business and how well their team operates.

What or who makes up a publicly traded marijuana company?

Publicly traded cannabis companies are comprised of individuals, investors and shareholders. Depending on how much stock shareholders own as a percentage, they have the last say on the decision-making process, along with any managers associated.
These companies also have more access to all financing than other regular companies as well.

How to become a publicly traded cannabis company?

If you’re wanting to turn your business into a publicly traded company, then you will need to step away from being a private company and into a public company. This means you will be selling your stocks to the public.

You will need to take your company public by providing an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Board members of your corporation needs approval from all of them before going further. The country in which you’re living in will need more information.

For example, in the United States, they will need paperwork filed and completed for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). After going through the necessary requirements, it’s best to find the right management, underwriter, attorney, and an auditor. They will help facilitate the entire process for turning your business stocks over to the public.

Lastly, the SEC requires a business to deliver a Registration Statement which will go the exchange market for listing your stock.
There’s much more work to utilize in delivering your stocks to the public. It’s why Higher Yields Consulting helps businesses go public efficiently with little to no hiccups. Our team of consultants put your business first to ensure a smart infrastructure is set in place before moving forward.

How to Start Attracting Investors to your
Cannabis Stocks or Publicly Traded Company

Aside from getting your marijuana stocks delivered to the public, you may want to consider the important factors your business must have for investors and shareholders to buy your marijuana stocks.

1. What’s the nature of your business? When you’re looking to stand out among the crowd it’s essential to understand whether you’re doing business as a recreational marijuana or medical marijuana organization. Investors looking to find cannabis stocks will want to find a niche that will yield them large returns on their investment. This will determine what your marijuana stocks are worth to them.

2. Quantity and Cost of Growth: Cannabis investors will want to understand how much your growing and how much you’ve sold over a specific time frame. You can set your financial statements accordingly for cannabis investors to understand their potential gain to them. It’s also necessary to identify your product costs per unit versus the amount you’ve sold. These will ultimately help an investor make a firm decision.

3. The total Amount Marijuana Companies Can Grow: When you understand how much you can grow in your local state, in accordance to regulations, then you will be able to deliver it to your investor. They will need to know how much you can grow, so they can predict outcomes of your stocks.

4. Letting Investors Know What Supply Agreements Your Business Contains: When you let your investors know from first contact about supply agreements your business has then it will help see the status of your marijuana business.

These important factors will put your marijuana business ahead of others. Our team of consultants will ensure your business attracts the right investors to your marijuana stocks, at Higher Yields Consulting.

Partner with Higher Yields Consulting
to Reap Major Investing Benefits

Overall, your marijuana business can now enjoy the benefits of sharing stocks with the public. As a publicly traded company, there are many hurdles ahead, especially in the cannabis industry.

For those of you investing in marijuana stocks, you can do more research on your own to identify why these stocks are the top stocks for 2019. You can take piece of mind that these companies won’t go anywhere, and neither will we at Higher Yields Consulting.

If you’re a cannabis business or a cannabis investor looking to find a better way to get a handle on all the paperwork and hidden opportunities of the cannabis market, then partner with us. We have specialized cannabis consultants who know the ins and outs of publicly traded cannabis companies.

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Schedule a Free initial consultation

Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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