METRC Training: How to Ensure Effective Implementation & Team Training

Higher Yields Consulting METRC Training: How to Effectively Educate Your Team

Cannabis businesses are now required to use METRC — a seed-to-sale inventory tracking system — to adhere to compliance regulations in sixteen states. In many of these states, however, rollout of the system has been rough, especially in terms of METRC training.

Higher Yields Consulting METRC Training: How to Effectively Educate Your Team

Often, a company will have a single person trained to use METRC. Unfortunately, relying on this sole ambassador to educate the rest of your team can lead to issues stemming from misunderstandings and miscommunication. Worse yet, not applying the information correctly can lead to your facility falling out of compliance.

Read on to learn how you can ensure your team receives adequate and proper METRC training and keep your cannabis business running smoothly.

Misinformation & Miseducation

A METRC training ambassador likely has every good intention to share what they’ve learned with their team. But this secondhand training can easily go awry. METRC is a complicated system, and there’s no guarantee that what an ambassador learns during training will be relayed 100% accurately later on. After all, to err is human. 

Secondhand trainings are therefore rife with potential problems: 

  • The ambassador may not have absorbed and interpreted the training information correctly.
  • The ambassador may have completed their training with unanswered questions, leaving gaps in their understanding of key METRC concepts.
  • The ambassador may not be adept at relaying information accurately and efficiently to others.

There’s a high likelihood that critical information will be lost in translation. What can be done to increase the effectiveness of secondhand METRC training?

Make the Most of Secondhand Training

METRC training used to take place in person, and attendees could ask a live person questions. Others likely had the same or similar questions, and everyone present would benefit from this exchange.

As more states have adopted METRC, the demand for training has increased. To keep up, METRC has switched to pre-recorded online training sessions. Sans live educators, these virtual trainings have largely put an end to organically flowing Q&A, resulting in knowledge gaps.

To combat the challenges presented by virtual training sessions, see if you can get a recording to share with your team. This will also decrease the chances of your training ambassador sharing inaccurate or incomplete information. With a recording, everyone will be on the same page.

Your ambassador might also prepare a presentation deck as a training aid. Consider bringing in a consultant who specializes in METRC for this project. The consultant will ensure that the information your ambassador is relaying to the rest of the team through the deck is both accurate and complete.

You can also make secondhand METRC training more effective by delivering the information in a way that’s hands-on and in real-time. Seeing how METRC actually works and applies to your day-to-day operations will make the information less abstract and more understandable for trainees.

Have a Solid SOP

Even the smallest mistake in your standard operating procedure (SOP) can quickly spiral into a detrimental problem for your company. Repercussions might include inaccurate inventory, which could, in turn, lead to license violations, expensive fines, and suspensions. Ultimately, your business could be shut down.

Having an accurate SOP in place prior to your team being trained in METRC is vital. To make sure every step in your process is properly accounted for, work with a consultant during the drafting process.

Make the finalized SOP available to your team so they can use it during their METRC training. Seeing how METRC aligns with your company’s SOP every step of the way will help team members better understand what they’re learning. Correctly applying this information after training is key to staying compliant with state regulations.

Customize to Fit Your Unique Needs

METRC is inherently intricate — the system traces every step your product takes, from cultivation to final sale. The risk of a trainee misunderstanding the system is compounded by the fact that how exactly METRC is used varies depending upon where your facility falls on the manufacturing and distribution spectrum.


For example, a growth facility is going to use METRC differently than a dispensary would. Likewise, a manufacturer who produces oil is going to be subject to a different METRC process than one that uses wholesale oil to infuse an edible. The workflows of each facility will vary as well.

Again, a knowledgeable consultant can assist you with customizing your SOP to fit your business’s unique workflow and processes and then align your team’s secondhand METRC training to ensure compliance. Attempting such a hugely important undertaking on your own isn’t advised.

The Future of METRC Training

As the industry continues to evolve and more states alter their cannabis laws, METRC is doing its best to keep up. Originally, when states first started legalizing the use of cannabis, there was talk of a “METRC University,” where the training process would become more streamlined and consistent. 

Higher Yields Consulting METRC Training: How to Effectively Educate Your Team

However, each state has its own regulatory nuances that make a single comprehensive training program impossible. Private consultation companies, like Higher Yields, are stepping in to make sure cannabis companies are adequately trained to use METRC and stay compliant.

The METRC training process has yet to be perfected, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Properly introducing your team to METRC right from the start can protect your business from the downward spiral of misinformation that leads to fines, suspensions, and business shutdowns.

Need help navigating METRC and using it to stay in compliance? Contact us today for a consultation.

POS Solutions for Cannabis Compliance & Convenience

pos solutions

In retail, an unreliable point-of-sale (POS) system can lead to inaccurate inventory and income. For cannabis, such inaccuracy will likely result in unintended violations and steep fines. With so much at stake, cannabis retailers can’t afford to settle for a mediocre POS system. Instead, operators should strive to find accurate and reliable POS solutions. 


pos solutions

We understand that securing a trustworthy system can be incredibly stressful. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of POS options and considerations for retailers and other cannabis operators.

Here’s what you need to know about getting the best POS system for your cannabis business.

Optimize Your POS System

Some retailers simply don’t have the capital to upgrade to a newer POS system, and that’s fine. Fortunately, there are plenty of under-optimized areas that can easily be improved. Together, they’ll maximize compliance, cash flow, and customer satisfaction.

Internal Adjustments

Both new and old systems alike give retailers the power to set unique permissions for every employee. The ability to give discounts, create new products, and more can be managed by adjusting what each employee has access to. 

Although this tactic may seem tedious, properly managing permissions reduces the number of hands in the pot and ensures accountability. If there’s a problem, you know exactly which employees may be responsible.

Customer-Facing Improvements

Similarly, there are ways to optimize POS solutions that improve the customer-facing side of your business. Most systems have powerful and customizable discount features that improve customer experience and reduce human error. 

For example, if you’re having a sale that applies only to specific products, then you can create a discount that automatically applies at checkout. Otherwise, employees have to apply the discount manually which can result in it being applied incorrectly or even not at all, leaving a customer frustrated and angry.

Furthermore, plenty of cannabis businesses fail to set up simple yet effective customer rewards programs. Many POS systems make it easy to do so, and your patrons will appreciate having their loyalty recognized.

Treez: True Masters of POS Solutions in Cannabis

When it comes to developing comprehensive POS solutions for cannabis businesses, Treez knows what’s up. Their systems offer a suite of rich features that tailor the POS system to your unique business. From customer recommendations to automated text messages, and from product segments to an intuitive interface, Treez does it all.

Additionally, Treez POS solutions include robust compliance features. These systems directly integrate with METRC to update sales in real-time, thus eliminating the need to export sales and upload them to METRC. 

Treez also features a few state-specific regulatory guardrails. Namely, their systems prevent you from selling over state limits. Finally, their proprietary TraceTreez software protects your operation from any track-and-trace outages, so that you always stay totally compliant.

Options for Non-Retail Operations

For cultivation and manufacturing operations, point-of-sale isn’t really an issue. For some companies, basic seed-to-sale tracking — like METRC — may be enough. 

However, there are several supplemental tracking systems designed exclusively for cultivators and manufacturers. By providing deep insights like yield forecasting, genealogy analysis, and strain tracking, a supplemental system has the power to give a big boost to non-retail cannabis businesses.

A drawback to these systems would be the extra labor needed for data entry. Fortunately, developers noticed this and most supplemental systems now offer full integration without any double entry required.

Your POS system can make or break your retail operation. Inaccurate data can lead to unhappy customers, lost profit, or worse, business-closing violations. Optimizing your POS system decreases human error and the risk of violations while increasing your bottom line and operating efficiency.

Treez offers comprehensive POS solutions that do the heavy lifting for you. By improving customer experience and ensuring compliance, Treez systems ease your mind and line your wallet. 

To learn more about POS solutions and how your cannabis business can maintain compliance, book a consultation with us today!

The Ultimate Guide to METRC in the United States

cannabis growth

As part of the most regulated industry in history, cannabis operators face intense scrutiny from local and state governments. METRC, a seed-to-sale tracking system, helps operators stay compliant by creating an easily identifiable chain of custody for each cannabis product. Using METRC makes recalls easy and ensures accountability.

cannabis growth

Mandated in 15 states plus Washington D.C., METRC is similar everywhere. However, there are nuances in each state. In order to remain compliant, businesses must be aware of and adhere to their state’s specific regulations. To help, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of where METRC is required as well as how to stay compliant.

This is the ultimate guide to METRC.


Using the system in Alaska is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is complete the training course and you’re given your METRC application program interface (API). The training is relatively uncomplicated as well. 

In the beginning, the state conducted in-person training but has since made the switch to virtual sessions. Now, webinar-style courses are offered three times per week for 50 weeks out of the year. This makes it quick and easy to get trained and start implementing METRC.


With several agencies overseeing the industry, California is one of the most heavily regulated cannabis states as well as one of the most complicated for operators. When the Golden State chose to use METRC back in 2017, several problems were created. 

For starters, many local governments have their own track-and-trace requirements that use different systems. If your business operates in one of these areas, you’re required to use both the local system and state-mandated METRC. Fortunately, a few third parties offer software that integrates different systems to avoid double entry.

Due to California’s desire to have control over the process, RFID tags — which are required for METRC — have to be bought through the state. The process is needlessly complicated and sometimes prevents businesses from opening their doors. 

If you’re getting started in California, find an experienced consultant who’s familiar with the situation there as well as with METRC.


Unlike California, Colorado works closely with the METRC team. As a result, quite a few helpful updates to the system have come out of state. 

Through the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), Colorado aims to improve METRC so that it serves the state and the community equally. To further this goal, Colorado offers online METRC training that’s simple and straightforward.

District of Columbia

The District of Columbia began using METRC back in 2018 but has yet to announce how it will operate. We’re watching D.C. closely to see how things will turn out. When we know more, we’ll update you.


In the great state of Louisiana, the Department of Agriculture and Forestry as well as the Board of Pharmacy oversee cannabis-related regulations. Unfortunately, neither of these agencies can come up with an efficient method of training. 

For now, one person from each cannabis operation is trained and the responsibility then falls to them to train others. This style of training is immensely error-prone, so additional training and METRC support may be necessary.


In Maine, METRC training is unique. Unlike in other states, at least one owner of each business is required to be trained to use METRC and pass a qualifying exam. If you don’t pass the exam, your business stays closed until you do. Prepare for the exam and succeed — contact us for additional training and support.


Another heavily regulated state, Massachusetts manages cannabis in a logical way. Overseen by the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), the state offers plenty of resources to guide operators through the process of integrating METRC. 

Additionally, Massachusetts has been working diligently to make sure every licensee has at least one trained METRC admin and allows businesses to get multiple employees trained if they want.


Maryland has a unique training situation for cannabis businesses. Unlike in any other state, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) requires every employee of an operation to be trained in the METRC system. Such training redundancies keep tracking systems running smoothly and efficiently. 


Michigan’s goal is to “establish Michigan as the national model for a regulatory program that stimulates business growth while preserving safe consumer access to marijuana.” 

Although its system is very similar to those of other states, Michigan has a booming market and few issues, making it one of the most successful cannabis states. Here at Higher Yields, we want to know how Michigan has achieved so much success. We’ll keep an eye out so we can share successful strategies with operators in other states.


Similar to a few other states, Missouri requires METRC trainees to take a course and pass an exam. That being said, the state has partnered closely with METRC to develop quality training courses that prepare trainees to pass the exam. 

metrc compliance

However, since the market for cannabis in Missouri is so small, operators aren’t required to have a POS system. Instead, cannabis businesses can simply input sales data into a spreadsheet and upload it to METRC. This strategy leaves plenty of room for error, so if you’re a Missouri operator, be sure to accurately track your sales data.


As of January 1, 2021, recreational cannabis is legal in Montana. The Department of Public Health and Human Services has chosen METRC to be the seed-to-sale tracking system in place for this nascent market. 

However, the state is still in the early stages of implementing METRC. We’re following this situation closely and will update you when we know more.


Nevada has been using METRC since 2017. However, training was overhauled in 2019 after a state-led audit found reporting discrepancies in operations around the state. 

Now, Nevada has one of the highest quality and most available online training programs in the country. The Silver State also offers plenty of resources to help business owners navigate the system and related regulations.


Although METRC was expected to be operational by September of 2018, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) is still developing training and fleshing out mandates. 

We do know, however, that each business will need to earn a METRC Certificate of Operation. Ohio is another state that we’re watching closely and will update you on as the situation progresses.


After a landmark Supreme Court decision in July of 2020, Oklahoma signed a seed-to-sale tracking agreement with METRC. Although we don’t know much about how the system will be implemented, we expect that it will be rolled out sometime early this year. Again, when we know more, we’ll let you know.


Overseen by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), the state’s cannabis operators are required to use METRC. Each business owner must train in the system and then prove their proficiency by taking an online exam. 

Additionally, the OLCC regularly checks METRC systems and points out discrepancies. This proactive approach keeps licensees on their toes and avoids any dramatic upticks in enforcement.

 West Virginia

As one of the most recent states to adopt METRC, there isn’t much information yet on West Virginia. We anticipate, however, that the Office of Medical Cannabis will implement the system in the spring. We still don’t have any training or mandate information yet, but when we do, you’ll be the first to know.

METRC Across the United States

Across the country, states have different requirements when it comes to their seed-to-sale tracking programs. Although it can be hard to keep track of the varying requirements, it’s necessary for legal operation. Keeping up to date on local and state regulations will help you stay compliant and avoid any painful fines.

Working with an experienced consultant can take a lot of the pressure off. Knowing that your business is safe and compliant in the hands of a professional allows you to focus on other areas of your operation.

 Are you looking for additional METRC support? Contact us today for a consultation!

Metrc in Oklahoma, Massachusetts & California: How to Navigate the System & Get Compliant


As part of one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States, cannabis businesses must work diligently to stay compliant with state regulations. One of the tools states use to ensure compliance is Metrc. An advanced seed-to-sale platform, Metrc makes it possible to digitally track each plant throughout its cultivation, manufacturing, and retail journey.

Higher Yields Consulting Metrc States: How to Navigate the System & Get Compliant

The powerful Metrc system makes it easy to account for plants as well as to identify products that need to be recalled. However, regulations and criteria for compliance vary by state. Similarly, the level of enforcement also differs from state to state. Working with an experienced Metrc professional keeps your cannabis operation out of hot water and away from avoidable fines.


With rigid timelines and harsh penalties, the Metrc process can be stressful. Fortunately, we’re here to help you get and stay compliant.


New Ground in Oklahoma

After a landmark Supreme Court decision rocked the boat in Oklahoma back in July, a cloud of uncertainty descended upon the cannabis industry there. In September, however, the state made a decision to lend security and accountability to its cannabis market. By signing a contract with Metrc, Oklahoma has joined 14 states and the District of Columbia in the mission to track and trace plants from seed to sale.


Since the contract was only signed in September, little is currently known about the agreement itself. However, we do know a few details. For starters, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has granted about 9,600 business licenses so far. Those licensees should be preparing for the new system now as Metrc expects to launch by February 2021.


According to Dr. Kelly Williams, OMMA Interim Director, a primary motivator behind the contract with Metrc is to “detect unusual patterns that may indicate product diversion.” Seemingly, for this reason, OMMA will require each cannabis operation to submit a monthly Metrc report. However, the contents of such reports are largely unknown at the moment.


Metrc in Massachusetts & California

The state of Massachusetts signed on with Metrc back in 2018. Since then, Massachusetts has become one of the most heavily regulated cannabis states. Overseen by the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), licensees in the Commonwealth face strict Metrc regulations. At any point, CCC investigators have the power to inspect a facility and scan the RFID tags associated with each product. Any violation — from an out-of-place plant to poor safety measures — can result in steep fines and other penalties.


Despite these heavy regulations and strict enforcement, Massachusetts has a solid structure. California, on the other hand, presents a learning opportunity for businesses and state governments alike.


When it comes to Metrc, one of the big areas where the Golden State falls short is training. In California, the state puts on one-and-done training programs and educational workshops that make it difficult for participants to go back and review later on. Other states — like Colorado — have easily-accessible pre-recorded trainings online.


Futhermore, many license holders in California were only having one employee trained in Metrc. With multiple people versed in the system, they can check each other and make sure businesses stay compliant. With only one trained employee, there’s the potential for serious violations that no one is aware of until it’s too late.


PSA for licensees in California: There are rumors that the Bureau of Cannabis Control is getting ready to crack down on Metrc violations. Get compliant or pay the price!


Recommendations for Cannabis in Metrc States

When it comes to running a cannabis operation in a Metrc state, the best thing you can do is work with an experienced professional. Get someone on your team who’s worked with Metrc in multiple states. These professionals understand the small fluctuations that can happen state-to-state and can save your business thousands (if not tens or hundreds of thousands) of dollars in fines.


Additionally, inputting all of the information into the system is a nightmare to do by yourself. Seasoned professionals can ensure loading inventory, updating nomenclature, and building out new SOPs all happen with minimal headaches.

Higher Yields Consulting Metrc States: How to Navigate the System & Get Compliant

Finally, there’s a lot to learn from California’s missteps. In particular, the importance of creating training redundancies cannot be overstated. Having multiple people trained in Metrc creates a system with accountability and oversight while also ensuring competence. Proper training along with appropriate organization — which professionals can help with — significantly reduces the risk of violations and penalties.


Although the majority of requirements are the same in each state, the differences can cripple any cannabis business. At the end of the day, proper expertise — whether from an outside professional or a well-trained employee — is your best tool for maintaining compliance.


Once you have a solid team, get ahead of the game. Integrating Metrc is an immense amount of work, so get started as soon as you can.


Do you operate a cannabis business in a Metrc-regulated state? Contact us today to ensure you stay compliant.

METRC in California: What You Can Do to Stay Compliant

There’s a subtle but savory irony in the fact that an industry that has historically measured its core product in both grams and ounces has embraced a platform called METRC. But what is METRC, exactly? METRC — which stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting and Compliance — is a comprehensive cannabis compliance system that handles tracking, tracing, trending, and reporting from seed to sale, and it has gone awry in California. We’re here to help California cannabusinesses get a handle METRC compliance.

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Need-To-Knows About METRC & Cannabis Business Compliance

cannabis metrc

It’s 11:00 o’clock on a Saturday night. Do you know where your plants are? METRC does. Now that cannabis has gone mainstream, your ladies have no privacy. They’ve gone from grow light to spotlight as cannabis business compliance has become as critical as hybridizing the latest strain.

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Cannabis Compliance: Why Your Cannabis Business Might Need A Complete Compliance Audit

cannabis compliance

Cannabis Compliance: Why Your Cannabis Business Might Need A Complete Compliance Audit


In the new cannabis industry regulations have a way of creeping up on you. Cannabis compliance regulations are in a constant state of change as the industry is just beginning to grow and adjust as is the case with any new market.

How does a cannabis business hope to stay on top of compliance and regulations?

Higher Yields Consulting helps with cannabis consulting for most cannabis businesses who are in need of fulfilling cannabis compliance requirements – in all 50 States of the U.S.

Our cannabis business compliance consultants specialize in giving a thorough compliance audit to check for any business compliance gaps a cannabis business may have.

We’ll go over the foundations for keeping your cannabis business compliant with the current and ever-changing regulations. With the foundations up to date, you’re ready to maximize your efficiency in business processing and operations.


Cannabis business compliance is the process of business adhering to established laws, standards, regulations, policies, and remaining up to date on emerging trends. When abiding by the regulations the state government sets forth, it’s necessary to have cannabis compliance as one of your primary business goals.

Cannabis compliance can help cannabis businesses achieve other goals for overall growth in the business. Taking the necessary steps to comply with relevant laws that change consistently within the industry will keep your business ahead of competitors.

Below are the following types of cannabis businesses we help through cannabis compliance:

  • Provisioning Center/Dispensary
  • Grower
  • Processor
  • Secure Transporter
  • Safety Compliance Facility or Lab Testing Facility
  • Cannabis Facility
  • Cannabis infused Product or Cannabis Edibles
  • And much more

We help cannabis businesses remain ahead of the curve through a complete cannabis compliance audit.


A cannabis compliance audit is an extensive review of a cannabis organization’s adherence to the laws and regulations. A compliance audit for any type of cannabis business will give us an idea of what stage you’re at.

Higher Yields Consulting will walk your business through all the compliant intricacies. Whether you want a cannabis business to show up on the US map (by filling out a cannabis business license application) or you need to identify a missing regulation requirement.

Our cannabis consulting company will quickly and accurately divulge the following business compliance prerequisites any type of marijuana business needs to operate accordingly within the local state.


Before opening a marijuana business, you’ll need authorization to operate through a cannabis business license and necessary permits. Our cannabis consulting company will help you through the initial application process.

As you apply for a cannabis business license there are several things the local state licensing board will need.

The basic cannabis business license requirements is ensuring your business has the following:

    • A well-thought-out business plan.
    • A well-written license application.
    • Proper documentation authorization.
    • An efficient & diligent team (contracts with trusting partners).

A cannabis business license and permit will allow you to do many things, as a business, depending on your local state’s regulation guidelines.


Other than getting cannabis business licenses to permits, it’s important to have SOPs.

Whether you own a dispensary or a grow facility, a standard operating system (SOPs) analyzes and describes every detail in every task performed. SOPs are education and communication-based tools that help operational team members learn a functional process for efficient business growth.


Our cannabis consulting includes a functional seed to sale software or METRC analysis for your marijuana business. METRC is an acronym for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance.

This is specifically design for the government to analyze transaction tracking and tracing in dispensaries, grow facilities, extraction lab facilities, or cannabis edibles production facility. METRC is an advanced way to track all necessary business production operations.

BioTrack is a seed-to-sale tracking system, similar to METRC, in the cannabis industry that helps supports many  marijuana businesses. It’s essentially seed to sale software system to analyze cash flow operations.


In our cannabis consulting process of conducting a cannabis compliance audit, we ensure your marijuana business is compliant with security measures.

It’s important to build a security infrastructure to safely guard your marijuana business against negative influencers.


When marijuana businesses utilize a cannabis consulting company like Higher Yields Consulting, your business will operate at top efficiency and stay ahead of changing cannabis industry regulations.

As a business thoroughly abides by strict regulatory compliances (from submitting a well-written cannabis business license), to using safe security measures, the marijuana business will succeed when obstacles appear.

Contact us to get your cannabis business compliant today.

Schedule a Cannabis Compliance Consultation
Whether you already own a cannabusiness or want to get into the business we can help.

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Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Consulting is a Marijuana Consulting Group comprised of industry experts with decades of combined experience in the legal industry. Whether you are looking to get into the business or already have a license we can help your business succeed. Call (844) HI-YIELD to schedule an initial consultation.

The Latest from our cannabis consulting blog

Find the Path – Marijuana Startup Services

cannabis startup services

Find the Path – Marijuana Startup Services

Higher Enlightenment – Find the Path

Let’s be real, cannabis-related business is complicated.

New medical and recreational opportunities on the horizon are highly attractive markets with huge potential. However, most entrepreneurs and investors are unfamiliar with the challenges and hurdles that come with new regulatory environments, and many end up failing in their efforts because they don’t have the right systems in place.

Investing in a marijuana businesses consultant greatly increases your chance of success. With nearly a decade in the industry, Higher Yields Consulting is the nation’s premier firm. With over 100 completed cannabis license applications in 13 merit-based states and 6 countries, we have the experience, proven track record, and systems to take your business from seed to scale.

Our 4-step Higher Enlightenment process equips owners and operators with the tools and know-how to get started and navigate the industry with confidence.

Find the Path is Step 1 and the foundation for creating a successful business. These marijuana startup services will prepare your business to weather the complex challenges of the always-evolving legal cannabis industry.

Find the Path is the road to success in the cannabis industry. Whether you’re just getting started and looking for a team to help manage and direct the process, or if you’re interested in shoring up your operations to become more efficient and compliant, we can help.

Contact Higher Yields for a consultation on how Higher Yields Consulting can be of service to you!


  • Applying for a marijuana business license is a timely and often arduous process. With high stakes and high competition in new markets, utilizing our Marijuana Business Applications services will mitigate your risk and make you an attractive candidate to regulators
  • We’ve provided services to domestic and international clients and worked in dozens of varying regulatory frameworks. Our cutting-edge consultants will work with you to create a consistent and compelling narrative. With customizable templates, award-winning core operating materials and procedures, our dedicated team will make this process efficient, saving you time and money.
  • An optimized operation starts with incorporating proven Standard Operating Procedures. These are fundamental base-protocols for running an effective business and navigating the changing rules and regulations. Our templates create well-defined processes and step-by-step instructions specific to your regulatory environment.
  • Different markets each have unique rules regulations – staying current and compliant is mandatory if you want to stay in business. These rules often change very quickly as regulators respond to new challenges, which can in turn cause businesses to become non-compliant overnight.
  • Our Marijuana Business Compliance services leave you confident that your operations are above-board and running smoothly. On-site consultants will complete a comprehensive audit of your facilities, identify potential violations, provide corrective action, and ensure owners and operators are properly trained in best practices.
  • A thorough understanding of METRC, the marijuana products tracking and tracing software, is essential to remaining compliant. One discrepancy between this software and your inventory can spell disaster for your business, as you will face heavy fines or risk losing your license.
  • Our METRC Reconciliation services will help you discover and rectify any differences. We also train your employees on proven methods to lessen inconsistencies, empowering your teams and giving them confidence to handle future errors with ease.
  • Marijuana business tax structures are complicated and many startups are taken by surprise when they close out their first year of operations. With our 280E Tax Structure services you will gain a clear understanding of this arcane rule and have a strategy in place to minimize your liability and increase your bottom line. Our consultants will help you save annually by reducing taxable income through the proper allocation of taxable goods.

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Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Consulting is a Marijuana Consulting Group comprised of industry experts with decades of combined experience in the legal industry. Whether you are looking to get into the business or already have a license we can help your business succeed. Call (844) HI-YIELD to schedule an initial consultation.

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METRC Compliance

METRC Compliance

METRC Compliance

Why METRC Compliance Services?

METRC stands for marijuana enforcement tracking reporting compliance. Remaining compliant with METRC  is one of the most important aspects of your cannabis business. A wise man once said, “If you are going to play the game, you must first know the rules.” This sentiment applies to cannabis compliance as well, knowing the rules is the first thing that needs to be done but is often the most daunting. Some cannabis businesses are so far out of regulation with Compliance that one random inspection by MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) could spell disaster for a dispensary owner’s investment and could even result in a pulled cannabis license. Due to this, METRC Certification and Training are a high priority investment for any successful cannabis business and having experts in METRC consulting on your team can ensure this investment is successful.

Tracking cannabis products and understanding how to properly use the METRC system or whichever seed to sale system your state requires (such as BioTrack) can be an overwhelming task. With constant tracking system updates and all of the technology that integrates with METRC, including unique identifiers like RFID tags and scanners, point of sale software, and track and trace systems, adequate METRC training and education is a must, and failing to do so can result in catastrophe. Higher Yields can provide you with the peace of mind you seek with our METRC Certification and Training services.

It’s Never A Bad Time To Seek Out METRC Compliance Training and Certification Services

Our METRC experts can help your cannabis dispensary get back on top of your game, increase your supply chain efficiency, and provide tip top METRC training for your team to make sure you remain compliant. Marijuana Consultants can get pricey when called into these METRC reconciliation situations. Even a little preventive maintenance up front can help avoid common pitfalls down the line. Often times, one small mistake in supply chain data entry can cause a snowball effect, and a small mistake suddenly jeopardizes entire operations. A good Marijuana Compliance Consultant will help prevent these mistakes and be up-to-date on current issues. Bringing in someone who knows the rules can save your business money, time, and serious heartache.


Higher Yields Is Your Choice For METRC Compliance Services

The newness of the cannabis industry makes it hard to identify issues when rules are so subjective. Knowing someone familiar with the details, with a vision of the road ahead, and the software solutions is invaluable to a business when MED stops by for a METRC or Seed-to-Sale Audit.


Whether compliance worries have you lying awake at night or MED is knocking on your door, contact the professionals at Higher Yields Consulting for your METRC training and officer placement.

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Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Consulting is a Marijuana Consulting Group comprised of industry experts with decades of combined experience in the legal industry. Whether you are looking to get into the business or already have a license we can help your business succeed. Call (844) HI-YIELD to schedule a free initial consultation.

The Latest from our cannabis consulting blog