Cannabis Branding

branding cannabis

Cannabis Branding Services Cannabis branding is invaluable, it is beyond a catchy logo, and is the sum of your business’ reputation and personality. Clearly interpreting your identity is the most important element in building a successful business, differentiating you from your competitors. A brand activates your vision, creating a strong and loyal relationship with the […]

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Marijuana Business Investors

cannabis investing

Marijuana Business Investors The cannabis industry is quickly budding, attracting a new crop of investors. Navigating a new industry can be overwhelming, Higher Yields Consulting is your guide to the smartest way to invest in cannabis. HYC is the premier A-Z consulting firm, offering clients a full spectrum of services; a one-stop shop to explore […]

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Cannabis Cultivation Services

cannabis cultivation

Garden Design Design is the first step in how you will or will not become an efficient and competitive cultivator. – Michael Bernstein, Director of Land Development The garden is the foundation of any successful cannabis business. Garden design determines the workflow of daily operations and has the potential to optimize facility production and lower […]

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Marijuana Garden Management Pitfalls

cannabis garden problems

Wait, I have to get a permit? Yes, you are going to need to hire an architect, and an engineering team. Many people struggle to get off the ground in MJ industry, it all starts here. Hire a team who has experience in the city or county where you are developing your facility. Also, a […]

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