5 Tips for a Successful Cannabis Dispensary License Application

Cannabis Business Team

Getting started on your cannabis dispensary license application? It can be a complicated process! Just ask Higher Yields’ application writers and consultants. We’ve been awarded licenses in over 13 states, in both the adult use and medical markets, and it hasn’t always been an easy road. But with the right approach, getting approval is within […]

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Branding: How To Court Your Customer

marijuana branding

BRANDING AND RELATIONSHIPS When we try to conceive and talk about “branding”, we most often approach it from a strict business mentality. Our machine minds take over as we do our best to boil our company down to a slogan that’s going to be “catchy” or an image that will both “represent us” and “stick […]

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Find the Path – Marijuana Startup Services

cannabis startup services

Higher Enlightenment – Find the Path Let’s be real, cannabis-related business is complicated. New medical and recreational opportunities on the horizon are highly attractive markets with huge potential. However, most entrepreneurs and investors are unfamiliar with the challenges and hurdles that come with new regulatory environments, and many end up failing in their efforts because […]

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Marijuana Business Banking in Florida

cannabis business banking

Marijuana Banking Is Now Open For Business in Florida The Sunshine State has one of the fastest growing medical marijuana markets in the country. Since the start of 2018, the number of patients enrolled in the state’s program has increased by 100% with no sign that enrollment will slow down. Marijuana business banking services in […]

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Michigan Welcomes Cannabis Banking Services

cannabis banking michigan

Banking Will Make Or Break Your Cannabis Business In Michigan   The Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board has yet to award a single license for marijuana businesses in the state. The state’s law regulating the medical marijuana market was passed over 18 months ago, and in the six months since the state’s regulatory agency began […]

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Cannabis Banking Services in Nevada

cannabis banking

Blast The Barriers In The Nevada Cannabis Industry With Regulated Banking   After only 10 months into the fiscal year, cannabis is a $434 million industry in Nevada. The economic potential is staggering, however many marijuana businesses face major hurdles and security concerns when it comes to stashing their cash. The projected revenue for the […]

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