Creating a Cannabis Business Plan

cannabis business plans

Cannabis Business Plan – Where to Start Trying to start your cannabis business plan? It’s one of the most important documents you’ll create when it comes to the success of your business, so it’s worth putting in some time to get it right. Not only should this lay out all the details of how you’ll […]

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Cannabis Business Planning 101: Finding Your Big Idea

Cannabis Business Plan

Planning For Your Big Cannabis Business Idea The green rush is here. With more and more areas in the US and abroad shifting their policies to allow for legal cannabis, the marijuana industry has become the fastest growing industry in the world. Still, while many want to get involved with the space and cash in […]

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Find the Path – Marijuana Startup Services

cannabis startup services

Higher Enlightenment – Find the Path Let’s be real, cannabis-related business is complicated. New medical and recreational opportunities on the horizon are highly attractive markets with huge potential. However, most entrepreneurs and investors are unfamiliar with the challenges and hurdles that come with new regulatory environments, and many end up failing in their efforts because […]

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California Cannabis Consulting

California cannabis licenses

Why Choose us for Cannabis Consulting in California?   So why should you choose Higher Yields Consulting for cannabis consulting in California? We have years of combined experience with the legal marijuana market. HYC was active and present in the first state to legalize so naturally we’ve been through all the regulations and pitfalls that […]

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