International Cannabusiness Consulting Firm, Higher Yields, Accelerates Commercial Cannabis and Hemp Industries with Record Company Growth


Cannabis global advisors provide insight, oversight, and elevates cannabusinesses from seed-to-scale.

Higher Yields Consulting, the leading international cannabusiness consulting firm, today announced that it achieved record growth in the last year by increasing its new clients by over 400%. Higher Yields provides professional business development services to cannabis startups, existing operators and local, state and federal governments – both domestically and internationally.

“As the cannabis industry continues its massive growth, I’m proud of composing a team of experts with centuries of combined cannabusiness and consulting experience to support the acceleration of the cannabis and hemp industries,” stated Cory Waggoner, founder and CEO of Higher Yields. “Our team works with all types of businesses and governments. Our client profile spans from conceptual startups to publicly traded Multi-State Operators to federal governments.


“As the cannabis industry continues its massive growth, I’m proud of composing a team of experts with centuries of combined cannabusiness and consulting experience to support the acceleration of the cannabis and hemp industries.” – Cory Waggoner, CEO and Founder of Higher Yields Consulting


We help to determine and advise the feasibility of our client’s potential endeavors and expansions of operators, from the onset working with federal and state governments, supporting them with regulatory structure and program development to create vertically integrated supply chains around the world. I look forward to supporting the growth of the industry, continuing to set the benchmark for customer service and to champion global access and education to cannabis and hemp products.”

The company has accelerated commercial cannabis and hemp industries by:

  • Work with clients in 35 states and 15 countries.
  • Drafted more than 500 cannabusiness applications.
  • Won licenses in 15 competitive states.
  • Supporting commercial construction and operational systems support of over 4 million square feet of cannabis businesses.
  • Supporting the continued growth of over 100 client projects.
  • Currently advising clients on over $100,000,000 of projects globally.

Higher Yields provides cannabis consulting services such as licensing, real estate, cultivation management, financial plans, facility design-build services, branding, marketing, compliance, banking access, and more, to learn more visit

About Higher Yields Consulting Higher Yields Consulting (Higher Yields) is a Denver-based, international cannabusiness consulting firm whose founding members have been successfully providing professional consulting services to the commercial cannabis and hemp industries since 2008. From licensing, real estate, cultivation management, financial plans, facility design-build services, Human Resource Services, branding, marketing, compliance, banking access and more, Higher Yields has decades of combined experience working closely with clients across the booming cannabis industry. The company has helped build more than four million square feet of cannabis facilities alone and offers an in-house marketing and branding team. Learn more and chat with us at

Marketing & Business Development Strategy for Successful Demand Generation

Higher Yields Consulting Marketing & Business Development Strategy for Successful Demand Generation

In both the cannabis industry and the business world at large, there seems to be much confusion over the difference between marketing and business development strategy. This confusion is the result of a fundamental breakdown in understanding what marketing actually is and how it functions.

Neither marketing nor business development strategy is strictly about sales (though both can and should work together) but rather demand generation. Demand generation is a process of turning strangers to your business into customers by establishing trust. Each part of the process is vital and plays its own unique role. 

Higher Yields Consulting Marketing & Business Development Strategy for Successful Demand Generation

Read on to learn more about the differences between marketing and business development strategy, and why you need both to create a successful demand generation process.

Marketing vs. Business Development Strategy

Marketing and business development strategy are not interchangeable, but they’re also not completely separate concepts. Instead, they’re two pieces of a larger process that must work together to accomplish the common goal of demand generation. 

What Is Marketing? 

Marketing is the first part in the overall demand generation process, and it’s all about creating demand for your product or services. As such, it overlaps with positioning  and messaging in function. 

If you don’t approach marketing with the understanding that you must create demand, you’re essentially throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. It requires a solid demand generation process and methodology; otherwise, you’re hurting not only your brand but also your business development strategy.

Of course, each business is unique, but demand generation does have a universal foundation. Once you lay that foundation, your brand’s uniqueness comes into play in how you address or approach key elements within the establishment of building trust.

What Is Business Development Strategy?

Business development strategy enters the stage after marketing has already created demand. Business development is not about selling — rather, it’s about solution design and engagement. 

Both marketing and business development strategy, then, are at their best when they work collaboratively to accomplish demand, gain permission and building of trust in your brand. 

6 Pillars of the Demand Generation Process

The demand generation process has six basic stages, or pillars, and involves both marketing and business development strategy. While marketing takes the forefront during the first three pillars, it pulls back some for the fourth and fifth and reemerges in the sixth. 


These are the six pillars of demand generation:


  • Pillar 1: Curiosity and Intrigue. Start by building brand awareness through positioning and messaging. Pillar 1 requires a one-to-many marketing strategy designed to reach a wide audience. 
  • Pillar 2: Targeted Awareness. Pillar 2 focuses on looking for a response to Pillar 1. Based on that response, you begin segmenting and changing the message according to each segment and building trust through dialogue and information sharing. 
  • Pillar 3: Acquisition. Acquisition is a one-to-one environment where you ask for consent to engage the client and discover the vision of the potential client in a new process. Here, marketing begins to hand off the reins to business development strategy. 
  • Pillar 4: Solution Design. In this stage, business development strategy is introduced and marketing takes a backseat. The two remain in communication as you analyze what’s working and what isn’t, apply that data to designing solutions, and mature the relationship with the client.
  • Pillar 5: Negotiation & Contract. With the client’s permission, you progress to a proposal and contract. We call this an assumed close because before offering the contract, you should have already done all the actual negotiating so all that’s left is to sign.
  • Pillar 6: Implementation. Finally, marketing comes back to the forefront to build the next awareness phase. Use successes from working with the current client either to generate future business with that client or to enhance your messaging to attract new ones. 

IMAGEHigher Yields Consulting Marketing & Business Development Strategy for Successful Demand Generation

Failing to complete one pillar before moving on to the next, or completing them out of order, will hinder the entire process in its effectiveness. 

Common Breakdowns in the Demand Generation Process

A number of factors can cause the demand generation process to break down. One of the biggest is failing to “slow down to go fast” — in other words, skipping straight to Pillar 5 when you get a lead instead of slowing down and making sure Pillars 2 to 4 are built first. Rushing the process risks misunderstandings and broken trust. 


Another breakdown occurs when you fail to understand the distinct purposes of marketing, business development strategy, and sales — and that all three must work together to move prospects through the demand generation process. 


Finally, breakdown occurs when you let sales resort to cold messaging, be it via phone, email, or social media. Cold messaging eliminates trust before you even begin establishing it. And in the cannabis industry, lack of trust is especially damaging.

Generate Demand Through Trust

Ultimately, the demand generation process hinges on trust between the prospects and your brand. Fail to establish trust — or break it at any stage in the process — and the whole process breaks down. 


Seamless collaboration between marketing, business development strategy, and sales ensures that trust is built carefully and steadily, guiding prospects into becoming clients instead of pushing them before they’re ready to give consent for the next stage. 

Ready to level up your marketing and business development strategy? Contact us to find out how Higher Yields Consulting can help you assess and implement a demand generation system that works for you.

Cannabis Branding and Marketing: Building Your Brand Identity

Image of an escalator leading to the stars. In this podcast, you’ll be enlightened with the latest in marijuana news and more.

As cannabis brands now number in the thousands, the importance of distinguishing your offering is growing daily. It’s vital to define yourself through creatively calculated choices that pique consumer interest. The best cannabis branding and marketing creates an indelible impression of your product in the psyche of the consumer. From a certain shade of yellow to a particular font or the words you use, there are infinite ways to mold your image. That’s good news. The challenge lies in putting it all together in a meaningful, cohesive, and effective fashion.

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Cannabis Branding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

cannabis covid-19

Cannabis businesses have been deemed essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a time of responsibility and opportunity for those in the industry to highlight their commitment to their communities by continuing to serve them while implementing safe operating procedures. It is also a window of opportunity for cannabis branding. There are several phases that brands and consumers are likely to experience as we navigate this difficult time and adjust to a new normal. Here’s a look at the landscape, what to expect, and how to think about cannabis branding today and moving forward.

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Cannabis Marketing & SEO: The Help Your Business Is Craving

Cannabis Marketing & SEO: The Help Your Business Is Craving

You may have the best-looking website with the most robust content, or the most illuminating videos, podcasts, and posts – but if you’re not using search engine optimization (SEO) to drive people to those assets you might as well be throwing a feast in an empty banquet hall. Learn how SEO can help put you in front of a hungry crowd.

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Marketing Your Cannabis Business: Is Podcasting a Viable Strategy?

Marketing Your Cannabis Business: Is Podcasting a Viable Strategy?

For many businesses, podcasts are an effective way to enhance cannabis marketing and brand identity – if you’re willing to put in all the work that’s required. More than simply recording some audio, podcasting is a challenging, long-game strategy that gives listeners a window into the people and personalities behind your brand. Before diving into the alluring trend toward podcasting as a marketing method for your cannabis business, let’s get real about all that’s involved in pulling off a successful podcast that welcomes listeners to you and puts a flattering spotlight on your brand.

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Halloween Cannabis Strains and Horror Movies

halloween cannabis

Halloween Cannabis Strains and Horror Movies

Halloween and harvest have a long history with the American culture, dating back to our very foundations as a new colony and eventually an independent country. They’re as American as apple pie at this point, and recently they’ve been joined by a new legal crop that was also a part of our foundation, cannabis. Cannabis sativa with low THC content, also known as hemp, was a staple in the New World, something to be traded and celebrated, a tool to help colonists survive and even thrive in the early days of what was to become the USA. As we all know somewhere along the way this wonderful plant was demonized and criminalized for political and financial gain. A little over a decade ago that all changed as legal cannabis started spreading across the USA once again.

Halloween also has a long history in this country, and most certainly came to us as new colonists and eventually citizens brought with them their cultures’ traditions. From the Celtic Samhain and All Hallows Eve Halloween eventually evolved into the mainstream pop culture of the United States. Many of us have fond memories of trick or treating and binge-watching horror movies, some of us even had to suffer through a whole year to see them. Thankfully we have a gazillion streaming services now and can view our favorite horror movies year-round. Halloween has brought with it many traditions, but none seemed have stuck with me as long as horror cinema has.

We decided to have a little fun this year in honor of the biggest cannabis harvest season yet. We’ve compiled a list of cannabis strains that could have been inspired by Halloween. We picked through hundreds of strains to come up with a list, and we’ve also suggested an appropriate horror movie for each strain on the list. Truth be told we could have made 10 of these lists, which means this will be a yearly tradition here at Higher Yields Cannabis.

Halloween Strains and a Movie! Two of my favorite things. I can fondly remember the first time I saw “The Thing”, and also the first time I got high. Both have also influenced my work as a creative professional and brought great enjoyment to my life.

We hope you enjoy the video and yell at us for leaving off “The Exorcist”. We at Higher Yields Cannabis wish all of you a successful and bountiful harvest season and a Happy Halloween.

Reap what you sow! Be safe and enjoy the season with family and friends.

The Youtube version can be found here.

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Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Consulting is a Marijuana Consulting Group comprised of industry experts with decades of combined experience in the legal industry. Whether you are looking to get into the business or already have a license we can help your business succeed. Call (844) HI-YIELD to schedule an initial consultation.

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Branding: How To Court Your Customer

marijuana branding

Branding: How To Court Your Customer


When we try to conceive and talk about “branding”, we most often approach it from a strict business mentality. Our machine minds take over as we do our best to boil our company down to a slogan that’s going to be “catchy” or an image that will both “represent us” and “stick in their minds”. We think of it as a way to define our company, market ourselves, or build a following; but what we’re really talking about here is relationships. So let’s talk about relationships.

When you first meet someone who’s going to be special in your life, how do you attract them? Is it their first impression of you? Or maybe, your “look”, or the way you’ve dressed yourself up? Perhaps it’s how they perceive you socially, or generally in comparison to others. Wait! Obviously, it’s all about that first real one-on-one experience with you. Right? Well, with both business and dating, the truth is that it’s all of the above.


Now, any basic business person already understands these elementary concepts, but have they learned the art of the dance? In all forms of “attraction”, some people are naturals, some get lucky, some are wise enough to get coaches or mentors. The purpose of attracting is setting yourself up so that you have the real opportunity to build a relationship beyond a single moment of connection. With this perspective in mind, why do we create brands while thinking about our business and ourselves, on a personal level, instead of thinking about the specific types of cannabis customers we’re trying to attract to our cannabis businesses?

When you go out on a first date, are you really trying to show “your true self” or are you purposely projecting only the best parts of yourself that you think your potential partner is seeking? These are some of the traits that we’ve found to apply on a social and macro-cosmic level as aptly as they do in actual interpersonal relationships.


Over the generations of branding trends, we’ve noticed that brands have as much of an ability to isolate certain potential clients as they do to attract others. Sure, calling your dispensary “Uncle Jerry’s Pot-a-Palooza” sounded like a great name when you were testing out the potential products, but the next morning, before you file that license, rent that property next to the old record shop, and contact a sign company; you may want to ask for an outside opinion.

The more “fun” the name incorporates, the more it will appeal to the culture of “stoner humor”. The more “medical” it sounds, the more “approachable & trustworthy” it will appear to older and more conservative crowds. The problem with both is not in who they attract, but who they either fail to attract or who they repel.

Still, there is a third option. High end cannabis branding has been finding recent success by using words or phrases that have seemingly nothing to do with the cannabis products themselves, but carry more of a “sense” or “feeling” of luxury or an exotic nature. Generally, if you were to name your brand “Luxe”, french for luxury, it could easily represent anything from a cannabis brand to a perfume, meaning that the only sense the name gives to your customers is the experience and emotional memory of luxury and foreign lands. Combining the right kind of professional cannabis brand image with these kinds of more aloof brand names can present a mystique, sending the message: “Whatever this is, it’s the good stuff.”


Your customers think that they can get what you have lots of other places; so why would they keep coming home to you? Maybe, at this point, you’ve already failed at love at first sight. It’s okay, we’re talking about rebranding now. At this point, how else can we build that attraction? Well, by social comparison. When thinking about how they’ll see your product next, will the items have their own display case or is something used to keep things presentable? In packaging, we can think ahead so the sole responsibility of keeping your cannabis merchandise tidy and presentable on the shelf isn’t the sole responsibility of the local budtender on shift.

When hanging next to other cartridges, do your eyes read the font more easily on your packaging than others? If you look at your packaging in a lineup of others, would you guess that your product would be visually identified as the most expensive or highest quality? What local partners do you have promoting your product at popular events, festivals, & community gatherings? Further, when you are out in the community, what image are your representatives projecting on your company’s behalf? Yes: all of this is still “branding”. This is why it takes a community to make a real business. Some are naturals at this, and some are wise enough to get help when it’s time to take the next real step forward.


Someone walking around at an event with a duffle bag full of hamburgers wrapped in paper towels may actually have some trouble giving them away for free. But someone walking around with hamburgers stacked aesthetically on a silver platter will sell out before the burgers cool. So when out at events, are you telling your staff to “dress comfortably” or did you make uniforms and set a dress code? These are the little moments that matter!

When Starbucks started, their mission was not to make coffee, it was to replace the word “coffee” itself. When I was young in business, an exec from their company bragged to me “One day people won’t say ‘Let’s go get some coffee’, but say ‘Let’s go get some starbucks’.” Hearing this, I thought, there was no way; he had to be out of his mind… and that was my first real lesson in business. Little moments matter.

Having grown up, I’ve learned that when you first hear of a product or new company, first see a new something on an old familiar shelf, see a new sponsor at a show for your favorite band; these are the beginnings. These are the key moments that we work to make meaningful, and potentially form a relationship from them. If that new thing catches your attention once, you may not engage with it, but after the third time, on average, people stop and interact. At that point, it’s about the actual quality of your services and products, your customer’s belief in what they’ve conceived of your brand, and what it means to them.

If I call my chemical company “one-earth sustainable chemicals”, it doesn’t matter what I’m actually making; I’m going to be protested less than “capital-first chemical solutions” (Though the latter would probably grab more investors). Even if both companies manufacture the exact same products. When you find yourself in times of trouble, image can be everything.


People want something to believe in, to rally around, to fall in love with. Connection is the purpose of life for most of us on this planet. It’s why we make families, observe our faiths, and live in communities; we recognize that we need each other. So why does your customer need you? How much time do you spend telling people to buy your product versus showing them how you can help them? If you offer the most “expensive looking” and highest quality product, and it’s “marked at a discount” so it’s still at a competitive price point; now you’re doing them a favor. You’re reaching out and giving instead of looking for new opportunities to take. You’re making the same amount of money, but having your product is now a bragging right, so your sales start trending steadily upward. The point here is just this simple; like it or not, “image matters”.

At a lecture, I was fortunate enough to attend, a group of investors asked Russell Simmons, “How do you always know what the next big thing is going to be?” Russell responded, “I don’t. I look at where there is a need and an opportunity to do a good thing for my community, then I do it. Funny, it always comes back to me once others see it, support it… and it turns into that next big thing.”*

Step one to branding is not just knowing who you are now, as a company, but who you want to directly serve in your community. Step two is finding a way to use your brand and logo to convey to the community how you are going to help them. Step three is having a good product and service… but that’s a whole different article.

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Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Consulting is a Marijuana Consulting Group comprised of industry experts with decades of combined experience in the legal industry. Whether you are looking to get into the business or already have a license we can help your business succeed. Call (844) HI-YIELD to schedule an initial consultation.

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Cannabis Branding: How To Build Loyalty


Cannabis Branding: How To Build Loyalty


The cannabis industry is a highly competitive marketplace – you may have the highest quality products on your shelves, but if your branding is inconsistent or unattractive, customers will ignore you. The rule here is that the market determines your value, not your ideas on how valuable you are. This is where our cannabis branding design services come into play.

As a business, your branding is one of the most essential components to standing out from the crowd and having success in a saturated market. Branding with integrity means consistency across all areas of your business where customers interact with your products and services.

Consider that your branding efforts are the market-facing expression of your company’s vision, mission, and values. Why are you in the business? What makes your products different? What are your commitments to your customers? Your company communicates these ideas through its branding.

Your branding is how you express your company’s personality to the market. As such, inspiring your customers to create a lasting bond with your products and services means that you must create a sense of familiarity for your fans. You’re creating an experience for your customers that is not only elevating, but also unique and unlike the dozens of other companies that offer the same or similar products.

In the cannabis industry, there are three main areas where really nailing your branding will make the biggest difference in how you are perceived by the market.

Your logo is the face of your business and your graphic design (fonts, colors, and images) is the foundation for all of your branding efforts. Your company has a specific style it wants to express – it starts with your logo and is supported by how well you express that style through your choice of fonts and colors.

Are you elegant or industrial? Are you bold and assertive, or laid back and chill? Your logo and graphic design instantly communicates the feeling of your company to the consumer, so take some time on doing it right, because attraction counts.

Product branding and packaging is the literal texture of your business. When a customer looks at and holds onto your product, when they feel the ink on the box and see how its been designed, you are communicating. The cannabis industry is always evolving, and you must consistently upgrade the way you capture attention. Standing out from the crowd depends on how unique and innovative your products are on dispensary shelves, so investing in package design is the smartest way to differentiate your brand.

Generating a committed brand following doesn’t only happen inside the dispensary, but also online on your website and social media channels. Your website is the digital home of your business. Ensuring that it is themed appropriately – your fonts and colors are uniform with your logo, graphic design, and product packaging – communicates style and integrity in your business.

Additionally, how your company interacts on social media with your fans and customers is integral to your success. What you share and communicate on social media is an opportunity to speak directly with your customers and drive home your difference, which can increase sales and ROI.

Overall, consistency with your branding is the biggest difference-maker for success in the cannabis industry. It is your company’s opportunity to express itself in the marketplace, and being consistent, attractive, and innovative will ensure that you stand out and capture the attention that you deserve.

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Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Consulting is a Marijuana Consulting Group comprised of industry experts with decades of combined experience in the legal industry. Whether you are looking to get into the business or already have a license we can help your business succeed. Call (844) HI-YIELD to schedule a free initial consultation.

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