Branding: How To Court Your Customer

marijuana branding

BRANDING AND RELATIONSHIPS When we try to conceive and talk about “branding”, we most often approach it from a strict business mentality. Our machine minds take over as we do our best to boil our company down to a slogan that’s going to be “catchy” or an image that will both “represent us” and “stick […]

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Cannabis Branding: How To Build Loyalty


INSPIRING CUSTOMER LOYALTY REQUIRES BRANDING WITH INTEGRITY The cannabis industry is a highly competitive marketplace – you may have the highest quality products on your shelves, but if your branding is inconsistent or unattractive, customers will ignore you. The rule here is that the market determines your value, not your ideas on how valuable you […]

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Cannabis Social Media

social media cannabis

SOCIAL MEDIA WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOUR CANNABIS COMPANY  – HERE’S HOW TO WIN 2019 is set to be a big year for the Cannabis Industry in the United States. With more states preparing to legalize the medical or recreational use of marijuana, companies will need a sound social media strategy in order to differentiate […]

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Cannabis Branding

branding cannabis

Cannabis Branding Services Cannabis branding is invaluable, it is beyond a catchy logo, and is the sum of your business’ reputation and personality. Clearly interpreting your identity is the most important element in building a successful business, differentiating you from your competitors. A brand activates your vision, creating a strong and loyal relationship with the […]

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