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A Cannabis Standard Operating Procedure Template

The Blueprint to Your Cannabis Business Success

Don’t Begin the Adventure Without a Roadmap


In the U.S. and around the world, the cannabis industry is flourishing. However, as this new market becomes increasingly competitive and highly regulated, businesses that are equipped will thrive while others fail.

Having a strong, legally-grounded Standard Operating Procedure template (SOP) will help set your cannabis business up for success.

SOPs are a key element of any successful cannabis business. Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting helps your business define, develop, and implement strong cannabis SOPs.

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A Standard Operating Procedure Template Is the Key to Legal Security, Profitability & Efficiency

A Standard Operating Procedure template improves the efficiency of your cannabis business by ensuring that all processes – from cash handling to safety protocols to product tracking – are completed in a standardized way that gets you confidently through compliance reviews.

Essentially, SOPs are the guideposts of a successful cannabis business.

Whether you’re a grow consultant, local dispensary, or infuser, Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting works with you to design and implement tailor-made Standard Operating Procedures that keep your company legally secure and running at maximum efficiency and profitability.

Whether you build your SOPs yourself or you enlist the support of the experts at Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting, make sure you follow these proven steps.

cannabis sopsEvery cannabis business is unique. You have a specific set of processes that are both necessary for your business to run properly and that set you apart from the competition.


1. Find the right expert.
If you lack the experience or time to write a Standard Operating Procedure template yourself, then finding an expert to do so is your first step. For your business, the right expert is someone who knows the legal requirements for compliance in your state, has experience designing or overseeing successful cannabis operations, and can develop a comprehensive set of SOPs that satisfy all of your procedural needs.

2. Identify your audience.
Who will be reading your standard operating procedures? Writing an effective Standard Operating Procedure template for your cannabis business begins by writing them for your audience. Use words and phrases that they understand – while avoiding ones they may not be familiar with. Also, understand the goals of your audience. Is their goal to grow healthy cannabis, keep your facility safe, manufacture a great product, or sell that product?

3. Write a clear and easy Standard Operating Procedure template.
Although your SOPs won’t be page-turners, they should be easily read and consistently understood. Any discrepancy or point of confusion can spell trouble for even the most organized operations. Clearly and concisely explain your standard operating procedures. This is the most important part and takes time. Don’t rush it.

4. Include safety information.
In any business, safety is the top priority. Your SOPs must include health, safety, and emergency protocols, as well as proper equipment handling procedures. Together, these promote a safe and healthy work environment for your employees while protecting your business.

5. Include security protocols.
Your security protocols are designed to protect your assets on a daily basis as well as explain what to do in case of an emergency or crime.

6. Include cash handling procedures.
When many transactions are taking place – as we hope they are in your thriving business! – money can easily be misplaced or stolen. Proper cash handling procedures include how to carry out and record transactions, store cash, and open or close a till.

7. Include sections for marketing, sales & customer service.
Consistent messaging is an important part of building a strong customer base and inviting back repeat customers. Your SOPs should ensure that all of your customer-facing departments are providing your customers with the same information, treatment, and messaging


At Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting, our experts have been writing SOPs for successful cannabis businesses for over 12 years. From individual grow facilities and dispensaries to vertically integrated businesses to governmental regulations, we have helped businesses around the world establish and protect their streamlined systems. Let us help you build legally-sound SOPs that drive success.


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