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The cannabis legalization process is meant to bring prosperity, raise health awareness, and highlight diverse communities  and opportunities on the state’s radar. Not all legalization programs are created equal and cannabusiness entrepreneurs can often come up short due to governmental issues and the instability of the market. The Pivot Program is the opportunity for entrepreneurs and cannabis social equity applicants to reassess their goals, cannabis investments, and find true success in the cannabis industry.

The Equity you deserve. The Support you need.

The Pivot Program for Cannabis

Life-long savings depleted. Loans taken out, leasing agreements signed, and endless resources spent trying to win a cannabis license. Perhaps even using a cannabis attorney to reprimanded unfair laws. You’ve tirelessly worked for a rightful chance to enter the cannabis industry just like so many others have before. 

The pressure is on, the stakes are high. The structural inexperience with cannabis on the state level has affected and can affect your chances for a cannabis license before you even start your application, but you have a CHOICE.

Look up, take a step backand pivot to the open space. The true unobtrusive opportunity is ready for the takingThese opportunities have been there all along, so let this be your chance to capitalize on all your hard workAt Higher Yields Consulting, we understand the significance of the intense financial, emotional, and mental struggles that go along with not being awarded or given a chance to apply for a cannabis license. 

We are here to support you through this and turn your trials and tribulations into triumphs

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Using the Pivot Program, Higher Yields Consulting is dedicated to finding the best personalized solutions to the unpredictable dilemmas that occur in the process of state-wide cannabis legalization. Our Pivot Program is versatile and can also be used as an expansion and opportunity plan. 

We can guide you in the direction that is best for you and your team, and the optimal way to get the equal market entry opportunity you deserve. Utilizing your skills and your team, we can help you understand and pivot to emerging cannabis markets with lower barriers of entry and decide what choice is best for you.  


Though the program must calculate a seemingly infinite number of factors, we’ve managed to break the process down into three basic steps. 

  1. Cannabis Application Assessment. This is where we leverage what you’ve already built. We look at your experience, expectations, team, completed work, and more to determine your position and the best course of action.
  2. Business Profile. We create a custom profile of the cannabusiness that best matches your assets and criteria.
  3. Consultation. Based on your business profile, we’ll help steer you to the state marketplace that demonstrates the greatest potential for your individual success and continue to provide invaluable expertise and insight along the way to give you the edge over your competition. 

The possibilities that can be derived from these steps are nearly as infinite as the factors we calculate to complete them. One option could be as simple as utilizing your momentum to shift to a state like Oklahoma where the cannabis market barriers are low but the potential is high. Or perhaps you have the capital or cannabis investors to buy a cannabusiness outright. In such a case, we can help you find the ideal acquisition. 

HYC is here for you, to empower you to make the changes to your cannabusiness that are essential to your growth. With our cumulative knowledge, expertise, and network at your disposal, you can move in confidence knowing that our success is your success. 

If you’re one of the umpteen players in the cannabis industry who rushed in early and now feels trapped, pause, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you can still pivot to higher ground.  

Learn more about the challenges many cannabusiness owners are facing around the country and how we can guide you in a new direction.


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Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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