Cannabis Social Equity Program

The War on Drugs dramatically increased the barrier of entry to economic advancement for thousands of people in the United States. Now that our country is gradually healing the views around cannabis, many states, as well as the federal government, are working to remedy the past wrongs of cannabis persecution.

Cannabis Social Equity Programs are designed to lower the barrier of entry to the cannabis industry for those who have been previously disadvantaged by now-defunct cannabis legislation.

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Social equity programs in the United States are intended to begin the lengthy and complex process of rectifying injustices caused by aggressive legislation and law enforcement against cannabis in the past.

Many individuals and their families have been socially and economically disadvantaged due to harsh penalties for cannabis possession or use. These penalties have a ripple effect that can hold individuals and their loved ones back for generations to come.

Now that the cannabis industry is booming, social equity programs are designed to right many of those wrongs.

Granted, these programs are still in development and aren’t perfect. That’s why we at Higher Yields Consulting are committed to helping shape social equity legislation, application processes, and licensing to support those who have been disproportionately disadvantaged. 


While social equity programs are in a constant state of evolution at both the federal and state levels, the goal of these programs is to: 

  • Elminate Discrimination
  • Economic Improvement
  • Social Justice & Equality
  • Support Positive Generational Impact


Many people who are eligible to participate in social equity programs benefit from factors such as: 

  • Lowered application and licensing fees
  • Lowered requirements for information and capital in your application
  • Preferred application processing

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The reason cannabis is where it is – in its infancy as an industry – is because of the social injustices and legal issues within our country. Now that the reputation and use of cannabis has begun to be remedied, our goal is to also help remedy the injustices perpetrated in the legal history of cannabis.

Today, thousands of people have faced jail time and loss of freedoms due to their experience with cannabis, while others are profiting from multi-million dollar businesses in the cannabis industry – a situation which needs to be rectified.

Unfortunately, with the emergence of cannabis social equity programs, new opportunities for unscrupulous business owners seek to take advantage of social equity candidates by offering them attractive deals with immoral intentions. At HYC, we don’t believe in this neo-tokenism. Rather, our goal is to support those who are most deserving in order to create opportunities for those who have had opportunity stripped from them by the War on Drugs.

If we, at Higher Yields Consulting, can do our part to help those who have been hindered in their lives by cannabis laws and the aggressiveness of cannabis law enforcement in the past and help improve the lives of future generations, we will consider ourselves honored.


At Higher Yields Consulting, we believe that the cannabis industry has to be unified in our approach and message in order to be successful with social equity programs. The groundwork has been laid in previous states – with varying degrees of success – and we are now seeing a bigger focus on new states having these programs.

However, state governments have to take the initiative to make these programs work. Large operators and influencers of this industry have to think beyond personal monetary gain and seek a deeper understanding for when the industry can come together and fight together for these things in this industry, then we get closer to an equal and inclusive industry.


Are you considering applying for a cannabis social equity program?
Here are our expert tips for maximizing your chances of success
in this highly competitive market.

Get Accredited or Certified as a Minority- or Women-Owned Business.

Even if you know you qualify, an accreditation or certification from your state’s program will go a long way to supporting your application.

Understand the common criteria state-to-state.

Most states have a lot of criteria, philosophies, and goals in common. Make sure you understand those basic points thoroughly so you can tailor your application for the broadest success.

Get to know your state’s unique social equity applicant criteria.

Before submitting a state application, build on your general application by tailoring it to your state’s unique preferences and goals for your local cannabis social equity program.

Work with expert cannabis consultants to supercharge your application.

Cannabis experts, like those at Higher Yields Consulting, understand how to position you and your experience to stand out from the competition so that you can benefit from the available cannabis social equity programs.

Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.

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