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Cannabis Security is a top priority for all marijuana related businesses. Keeping your employees, your customers, and your assets safe and secure is a must in this new industry. Higher Yields security plans are some of the best in the market, whether you need a dispensary security plan, training, or the advice of security experts we can help.


Higher Yields Cannabis can provide a strategic and comprehensive plan to keep your business safe and secure. We offer customizable security plans designed for all forms of licensed cannabis businesses. Whether you are a grow facility, a dispensary, or a cannabis transport company our professionals have decades of combined real world experience to help protect your investment.

If you are in the legal cannabis industry, this need is significantly elevated. You bring with you risks that are not common to the typical business owner or the common business sector. You require specialized knowledge and care when developing a cannabis business security plan. Higher Yields Consulting (HYC) understands this need and have responded to it by developing cannabis security solutions to ensure the protection of its consumers and their assets. Our consultants are experienced with the complications that arise from a rapidly changing and highly regulated industry. HYC has the resources to ensure that new security regulations are implemented as rules and regulations change to ensure immediate compliance.


About Our Team of Cannabis Business Security Professionals

Higher Yields Cannabis provides a strong team of security professionals who have extensive experience in both general and military security sectors. These professionals have also developed a specialized niche within the cannabis security industry. Experiences ranges from special operations commands with the United States of America military, to Homeland Security, to serving on regulatory and compliance boards specific to the cannabis industry.

Security Services for your licensed cannabis business

We offer many cannabis security services including: dispensary security, digital security systems, physical security services, cannabis business security plans, and general consulting services. HYC understands that everyone’s security needs will differ and are able to tailor security packages to ensure that the optimum level of safety and security is economically attainable.

Professional Security Application Writing

420 Transportation Security PLans

Marijuana Dispensary Security Plans

Grow Facility Security Plans

Professional and Detailed security Floor Plans and Design Specs

Cannabusiness Access Controls, Keys, and Badges


HIGH-Tech security software solutions

Theft and Shrinkage Prevention and Deterrence Systems

Cannabis Security Standard Operating Procedures

On-Site and remote Guarding Services

...and much more!

Professional Marijuana Security Solutions

Higher Yields Cannabis strives to ensure the safety and security of every client. From pre-application processes, to building security, to employee and client safety, risk management services and everything in-between, our experts can help with it all. We understand that being safe and secure is a necessity in order to propel your cannabis business into the best version it can be. Security and safety have a profound impact on the success of your cannabis business and we work for your successes.

Security encompasses a multitude of equipment, procedures and standards. It is ever changing and evolving to eradicate security breaches. Higher Yields Consulting provides security measures through a scope of concepts, practices, equipment and technologies applied under evidence-based principles such as:
Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Questions, Tips and Tricks
Check out our article on some of the most commonly asked questions regarding cannabis business security.

risk management

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, avoiding and controlling threats that are associated with the cannabis industry. States are beginning to legalize and/or decriminalize cannabis, but with different rules and regulations. However, the outcome remains the same: compliance by the owner at all stages in the process, including risk management practices is essential and must be followed.

Risk management may entail facial recognition software, remote monitoring of all areas within all areas of the cannabis facility, locking and safe systems. It may include completing background checks and alarm system management. Risk management ensures the protection of the person and the cannabis product. HYC provides the technology and the expertise to ensure compliance with risk management requirements.


Our expert staff of security professionals has decades of experience specific to the cannabis industry. Their expertise helps ensure that your cannabis business is using industry proven best practices when it comes to security and safety. Depend on our decades of experience and due diligence to keep your licensed marijuana business, staff, customers, and assets protected at all times.

360 Degree protection

HYC’s alarm monitoring technology offers peace of mind to everyone in your cannabis business. Peace of mind makes people feel protected and secure with increased capability to increase morale, productivity and workflow. The cannabis business is targeted by thieves and opportunistic criminals who act quickly and sometimes violently. Quick response time is key in minimizing potentially catastrophic events. HYC’s alarm monitoring technology boasts a reduced response time from an average of 7-11 minutes to 4 minutes. Minutes matter when it comes to safety and security.

Inventory Control Measures

A huge component of risk management is through implementing inventory tracking systems. The purpose of these systems is to protect the cannabis business from product loss at any stage, from seed to sale. As an added benefit, HYC uses inventory control software that can also be written off under 208E Tax Structuring.


What does image have to do with security!? The answer is surprising! One breach in data could destroy your image. One misstep of theft will open an investigation. Security breaches can ruin your brand, result in fines, fees and lost business revenue. It has the potential to destroys your cannabis business. Higher Yields Consulting works to ensure that your image remains intact and untouched from the risks that are associated with the cannabis industry


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Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.


Schedule a Free initial consultation

Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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