Cannabis Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Questions, Tips and Tricks

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There are always questions when it comes to safety and security within the cannabis industry. Some of the most asked questions about cannabis security procedures, along with answers and general security tips, are provided in this article. For more detailed information or to schedule a cannabis security consult please contact us.

How can I best protect my cannabis business from criminal opportunists?

Higher Yields Cannabis remains in constant vigilance regarding potential threats and you should too. Here are some practices that help to deter criminals:

  • Instilling a mindset of awareness and readiness in security personal and staff.
  • Developing a system to relay information accurately and rapidly.
  • Understanding and knowing your business’s SOP procedure and completing consistent trainings to be able to react when necessary.
  • Installing security systems to enhance the SOPs.

Where are the best places to put cameras?

Cameras are an essential asset in risk management. They supervise your cannabis business at all times and have the capability to timestamp for definitive evidence. They provide an objective view in potentially subjective situations.

  • Placement will be site dependent and business specific.
  • Traditionally, the type of camera and locations should reflect the amount of needed coverage in an area.
  • Overlapping fields of view will allow for alternative angles in order to attain the best coverage.
  • Identifying barriers is key in camera placement. Avoiding duct work, ceiling features and other physical barriers will allow for unobstructed viewing, maximizing the camera’s potential.

Cannabis Security Standard Operating Procedures SOPs Questions Tips and Tricks

What are the State and Federal Security Regulations?

State regulations for cannabis security procedures vary from state to state.

  • Cannabis security regulations not only differ at the state level but are also complicated and exhaustive. For example, should a theft, loss of product or breach occur, the appropriate regulatory agencies must be notified – however, times frames may differ state to state. In California, a cannabis business owner only has 24 hours to complete this requirement or pay the consequences.
  • The security experts at Higher Yields Cannabis will ensure that clients understand the law and have the right amount of equipment and protection to meet state requirements.

At this time, cannabis security isn’t regulated at a federal level. However, this does seem likely to change. One indicator of this was the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. A component of this bill provides actions that could be considered violations of the law regarding cannabis production (for example, producing a plant over a 0.3 THC content). The 2018 Farm Bill also elaborates upon potential punishments for those who are in violation. It is highly likely that there will be federal compliance standards as legalization continues.

How much security is needed for a cannabis operation?

In addition to meeting legal requirements, HYC also offers custom packages that encompass every single aspect of security that is essential to the successful operation of a cannabis business.

  • Find a reliable cannabis security firm that has the capability to tailor security packages to ensure that security needs are met in the most financially responsible manner.
What type of security equipment is best for our cannabis business?

Your cannabis security needs will be individualized to your licensed cannabis business, however, there are common pieces of equipment that most cannabis businesses use.

  • Some of the most common systems and equipment are traditional surveillance, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tracking, key card access points, and digital video monitors.
  • In addition, technology to supplement these pieces of equipment is key. For example, redundancy offsite servers ensure that no recording are lost, and copies of data will always be available.
  • It is also important to note that technology and equipment can only provide so much security. The technology and equipment combined with the knowledge and education of a professional security expert will ensure maximum security effectiveness.

What is the advantage of a remote guarding system over on-site physical guards?

This might be a trick question. Remote guarding does have advantages and disadvantageous when compared to on-site security guards.

  • Remote guarding cannot provide a physical “human” deterrent from theft.
  • A security guard can offer visual safety for consumers.
  • A security guard can only be in one place and doing one thing.
  • A security guard can’t provide conclusive evidence to situations.

In most cases, “both” might be the best answer! Pairing an on-site guard with a remote monitoring system provides visual security and readiness, provides back-up evidence and allows the guard to patrol and perform other essential duties.

What are low costs methods of security?

There are certainly ways to provide security that don’t cost anything! No, we’re not talking about setting up soup cans! But, rather looking at your business in a more organic manner. Strip away all the clutter and focus on basics, build and further detail from there.

Security must begin from a place of well-being. Fostering an internal culture of honesty and transparency is a key element in elevating security measures. When employees feel invested, safe and valued, they look to protect their assets, which is also your asset.


There is no one size fits all solution for legal cannabis business security, most security plans are custom designed to compliment specific businesses. When shopping around for a reliable cannabis security firm please check that they offer custom solutions and have experience in the industry. Never cut corners with your security plans as they protect your staff, customers, product, and also your assets. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry, security breaches can kill a brand in no time, and in the worst case scenarios people can get hurt or worse. Be smart and make the wise choice to work with experienced cannabis security professionals.

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