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Cannabis Real Estate Consulting services

Marijuana Real Estate

Cannabis real estate services are very high on the list of priorities when it comes to starting a cannabusiness. Most states require license applicants to have an acceptable and fully compliant physical location to even be considered for a license. Cannabis real estate can be even more complex than most commercial real estate. You are definitely going to want some professional help. Higher Yields has a team of cannabis real estate consultants who can not only help you find a suitable location, they can also advise on which properties will make the most sense for your business model. Keep in mind a dispensary facility and an extraction lab are completely different in almost every single aspect.

Whether you’re new to the industry or an investor Higher Yields Consulting will guide you through the complexities of cannabis real estate. Our team of real estate consultants know the cannabis industry, and also have access to a large network of properties.

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What Does it Mean to
Own Property in the Marijuana Industry?

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When you’re looking to buy cannabis properties in the industry there are certain nuances that may hinder you. The legalization of marijuana is well-known, but it’s still very young. Many real estate owners are hesitant to even sell their location to marijuana business owners. The same goes for landlords renting to cannabis businesses. 

They’re hesitant for a good reason as there are a lot of risks for them under the Controlled Substance Act. They may face arrest and other risks, especially if their state just legalized cannabis. This is why it is important to know your local regulations and also why you should develop a relationship with the local authorities and representatives. 

According to the Harborside case, properties in Harborside California went on a four-year case with the Department of Justice. The Harborside Health Center and their landlords were reprimanded for inhabiting a medical cannabis center. Their 420 properties were seized until the case ended four years later.

This is one of the examples of the risks involved in pursuing a cannabis property. However, the right steps to getting a commercial marijuana property will leave you better off.

Higher Yields Consulting can help find the best cannabis property location for your business all the while keeping your company secure from unwanted issues that may arise in the industry. Our team of cannabis real estate consultants will walk you through every step to get your cannabis business started the right way.

Invest In Cannabis Real Estate Consultants
to Take Your Business to The Next Level

All in all, marijuana real estate is a hurdle to wade through. However, it’s necessary to understand the rules and regulations first before finding a real estate location. The better a business can locate 420 properties then the better the business will be in the long run.

Operating a business in the marijuana industry will mean creating strategic ways of finding dispensary loans from the right organizations and wading through the regulation real estate jungle. This industry is still blooming and will only improve overtime.



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