POS Solutions for Cannabis Compliance & Convenience

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In retail, an unreliable point-of-sale (POS) system can lead to inaccurate inventory and income. For cannabis, such inaccuracy will likely result in unintended violations and steep fines. With so much at stake, cannabis retailers can’t afford to settle for a mediocre POS system. Instead, operators should strive to find accurate and reliable POS solutions. 

POS Solutions for Cannabis Compliance & Convenience

We understand that securing a trustworthy system can be incredibly stressful. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of POS options and considerations for retailers and other cannabis operators.

Here’s what you need to know about getting the best POS system for your cannabis business.

Optimize Your POS System

Some retailers simply don’t have the capital to upgrade to a newer POS system, and that’s fine. Fortunately, there are plenty of under-optimized areas that can easily be improved. Together, they’ll maximize compliance, cash flow, and customer satisfaction.

Internal Adjustments

Both new and old systems alike give retailers the power to set unique permissions for every employee. The ability to give discounts, create new products, and more can be managed by adjusting what each employee has access to. 

Although this tactic may seem tedious, properly managing permissions reduces the number of hands in the pot and ensures accountability. If there’s a problem, you know exactly which employees may be responsible.

Customer-Facing Improvements

Similarly, there are ways to optimize POS solutions that improve the customer-facing side of your business. Most systems have powerful and customizable discount features that improve customer experience and reduce human error. 

For example, if you’re having a sale that applies only to specific products, then you can create a discount that automatically applies at checkout. Otherwise, employees have to apply the discount manually which can result in it being applied incorrectly or even not at all, leaving a customer frustrated and angry.

Furthermore, plenty of cannabis businesses fail to set up simple yet effective customer rewards programs. Many POS systems make it easy to do so, and your patrons will appreciate having their loyalty recognized.

Treez: True Masters of POS Solutions in Cannabis

When it comes to developing comprehensive POS solutions for cannabis businesses, Treez knows what’s up. Their systems offer a suite of rich features that tailor the POS system to your unique business. From customer recommendations to automated text messages, and from product segments to an intuitive interface, Treez does it all.

POS Solutions for Cannabis Compliance & Convenience

Additionally, Treez POS solutions include robust compliance features. These systems directly integrate with METRC to update sales in real-time, thus eliminating the need to export sales and upload them to METRC. 

Treez also features a few state-specific regulatory guardrails. Namely, their systems prevent you from selling over state limits. Finally, their proprietary TraceTreez software protects your operation from any track-and-trace outages, so that you always stay totally compliant.

Options for Non-Retail Operations

For cultivation and manufacturing operations, point-of-sale isn’t really an issue. For some companies, basic seed-to-sale tracking — like METRC — may be enough. 

However, there are several supplemental tracking systems designed exclusively for cultivators and manufacturers. By providing deep insights like yield forecasting, genealogy analysis, and strain tracking, a supplemental system has the power to give a big boost to non-retail cannabis businesses.

A drawback to these systems would be the extra labor needed for data entry. Fortunately, developers noticed this and most supplemental systems now offer full integration without any double entry required.

Your POS system can make or break your retail operation. Inaccurate data can lead to unhappy customers, lost profit, or worse, business-closing violations. Optimizing your POS system decreases human error and the risk of violations while increasing your bottom line and operating efficiency.

Treez offers comprehensive POS solutions that do the heavy lifting for you. By improving customer experience and ensuring compliance, Treez systems ease your mind and line your wallet. 

To learn more about POS solutions and how your cannabis business can maintain compliance, book a consultation with us today!

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