Cannabis Marketing Services: How to Increase Brand Awareness and Sales For Your Cannabis Business




Professional Cannabis Marketing

Marketing products for your cannabis business can be challenging, to say the least, you’re going to need professional cannabis marketing services to compete. 

Because cannabis is illegal under federal law through the Controlled Substance Act I and II, it’s challenging for business owners, like you, to legally advertise cannabis products in certain areas and using specific mediums.

Are we allowed to use Social Media platforms to advertise, billboards, how do you determine if it appeals to children, who decides? Before too long you realize your cannabis business is greatly hampered by regulation, but on the flip side so is your competition. 

The key to understanding cannabis marketing is to understand what your competition is doing and to do it more effectively. Sounds simple, but it still requires a lot of work and know-how to accomplish.



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How does marketing marijuana fit into
this ever-changing industry?

Although marketing cannabis is challenging, there are ways to use marketing to improve your sales and brand awareness. Knowing your cannabis market and being able to create marketing strategies that convert buyers are fundamental basics which are important to use in your business. If marketing isn’t your forte, it is critically important to find a cannabis marketing consultant or a cannabis marketing company to help you.

This is where we come in.

At Higher Yields Consulting, we help cannabis businesses like yours create a marketing plan and strategy. We have cannabis marketing consultants who understand the best way to market in compliance with laws and regulations. We’ll guide you through the best ways to utilize cannabis marketing strategies for your business to succeed right now and to grow in the future. Marketing marijuana takes a lot of time and effort but can most certainly pay off with the right expertise.

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Know your Cannabis Market

Before you can begin marketing cannabis products or services, you’ll need to research your target market. It’s best to ask important questions to help you understand the customers you’re targeting. You can ask questions such as:

  • Who are they? (age, gender, hobbies)
  • What are their deepest fears or wants?
  • What are they angry or happy about?
  • Who are they angry or happy with?
  • What are their major frustrations and joys in life?
  • Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions?
  • Do they have their own language?
  • What trends are occurring and will occur in their businesses or lives?
  • What do they secretly desire the most?
  • What stage of the cannabis buying cycle are they in terms of your cannabis products?
  • Are you going national or staying at the boutique level?

When you research the answers to these questions, you’ll understand your company’s cannabis market. After researching the target market, it’s best to start crafting a well-written cannabis marketing plan and an organized strategy.

Create a Cannabis Marketing Plan

A business marketing plan only works if it’s clear and has measurable results. A marketing plan must have a step-by-step process that correlates with your buyer’s journey.

When you have a marketing plan, keep in mind you will need to keep current with the legal marketing regulations in your state. The cannabis industry fluctuates which means that your marketing plan must be flexible and change with the market as well.

A highly skilled cannabis marketing consultant will be able to help you create a smart plan that works and stays flexible with legal changes in the marketplace.

Cannabis Advertising Restrictions

Remember when we said marketing marijuana was tough, there are some traditional marketing techniques that you’re not allowed to use to advertise your cannabis business, products, or services. As we mentioned earlier, it’s critical that you know the restrictions on cannabis advertising in your state as well as at the federal level. It’s also important to understand that the regulations in the industry are constantly evolving and require flexibility.

Traditional Cannabis Marketing:

  • There are little to no restrictions on cannabis marketing in local newspapers. Keep in mind these newspapers MUST be in your market.
  • You can have appropriate cannabis advertising in magazines in your market. Some dispensaries may have magazines, so an ad in one of these magazines may hold some weight. Magazine ads can be expensive, so keep in mind the cost.
  • You can have cannabis advertising in online radio podcasts. Again, this is only legal within your market.

These are some basic media outlets that you could use in cannabis advertising. It is critical that your business is compliant with all cannabis marketing restrictions and that all advertising copy steers clear of false claims.

Cannabis Advertising Online

Marketing cannabis online has never looked so attractive. When marketing cannabis products or services on the internet, it’s important to carefully word things.

If you are careful to follow guidelines, by marketing cannabis online your business is open to a whole new set of opportunities that could benefit your cannabis business in the long term. Below are the best tips for getting started online:

  • Implement an online website so customers can buy within your state: As each person navigates your website, they will need a good experience from the about page all the way to the shop page. It’s also very important to keep your website mobile-friendly to attract and reel in more customers in your state.
  • Utilize Google’s search engine algorithm (SEO): Another way to reach your market organically is to ensure your website and each piece of content is search engine optimized with keywords and link-building campaigns.
  • Use social media platforms: Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can help you create brand awareness and increase traffic or sales. Keep in mind that these social platforms may restrict you from using ads.
  • Create educational content: Creating educational content around your brand is one of the major ways to organically increase a cannabis business’ growth. By writing blog articles, you give the end user value by helping them learn more about cannabis. In turn, the end user may turn into a long-term customer just by reading your piece of content.
  • Launch email marketing campaigns: Newsletters and email marketing are great tools for target marketing and to keep your customers informed.

These are the basics to start organically increasing your business online. Again, always keep in mind the important cannabis marketing compliance regulations against providing misleading claims and information.

Choosing a Cannabis Marketing Consultant

To make your cannabis business run smoothly you must choose the right cannabis marketing consultant. Any individual can claim to be a marketing consultant, but the experts who know understand cannabis are the ones that can help push your business forward.

Higher Yields Consulting has a team of professional cannabis marketing consultants to ensure your cannabis business doesn’t run into any hiccups. As we mentioned above, the cannabis industry has complicated marketing regulations. A knowledgeable and professional cannabis marketing consultant is integral to your business success.

In conclusion, keep in mind that by following by the regulations and guidelines, cannabis marketing will increase your brand awareness and your sales. 


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