The people you choose to be a part of your cannabis business are what bring your business plan off the page and into the real world – which is why cannabis hiring and HR is such a pivotal part of a successful business. Higher Yields’ Cannabis Hiring & HR services help you put together an experienced and passionate team with greater reliability and ROI.


The value of a leader, manager, or staff member goes far beyond the information listed on a resume. At Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting, we’re here to demystify the cannabis hiring process and help you find the people you need to run a successful operation.

Rather than hiring out of necessity to fill a role, Higher Yields helps cannabis businesses hire strategically and tap into candidate pools they would otherwise not have access to.

The result is decreased turnover, decreased issues with trust and compliance, and increased return on investment and reliability.

Our cannabis hiring and HR experts have the experience, knowledge, and connections you need to build a strong team – from the decision-making leadership to the product-moving staff.


Higher Yields Consulting Cannabis Hiring, Training & Operations Leadership


At Higher Yields Consulting, we know that who’s at the helm of your ship plays a massive part in where your business ends up. Our goal is to get you to success and profitability faster, which is why we offer support in finding and recruiting your dream leadership team while providing interim leadership support as needed.

Building a strong Board of Directors makes for a strong license application. The more focused attention you put into building your leadership team in the beginning, the more ROI you will achieve over time.

When building your leadership, we not only look at candidates’ experience and background, but also we look at what they bring to the table in terms of ingenuity, creativity, traditional business sense, cannabis experience, their networks, and their resources. We also support you in establishing a company identity through your mission and vision and crafting an intentional organizational culture aligned to your goals and values.

Higher Yields Consulting Cannabis Hiring, Training & Operations Leadership


Wondering how many people you need and what the financial burden is going to look like?

At Higher Yields, we begin our cannabis hiring and HR strategies by creating an Organization Map. Then, we create a plan for compensation and hiring timelines so you know what costs you’ll need to bear and when.

By understanding your goals for your business, we create both short- and long-term strategies for staffing your organization in a prioritized manner by looking at capital needs, scalability, and ROI.

Our cannabis hiring and HR experts are here to help you with everything from job descriptions and salaries, benefit programs, recruiting and retention to reduce turnover – all the way through communicating your organizational culture, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.


If you have any questions regarding our Cannabis Hiring, Leadership & Training services, contact us using the form below. A member of our team will respond within 1 business day.

Higher Yields Consulting Cannabis Hiring, Training & Operations Leadership

Training & Compliance

While most cannabis hiring and HR consultants focus on training new hires to your operational SOPs, we provide initial and ongoing, routine training to protect your operation, consistency, and federal- and state-specific compliance along the way.

We’re here to help streamline your onboarding process by getting your new staff up to speed on what makes your company unique and how to be efficient in their roles.

Our focus is on maximizing employee output and potential, while protecting the company culture to maximize satisfaction and retention.

On the organizational side, we also support you with ensuring all of your compliance and paperwork is in order, including NDAs, IRS forms, and employee handbooks and agreement to SOPs.

Higher Yields Consulting Cannabis Hiring, Training & Operations Leadership


Payroll and HRIS decisions are extremely important to make early on. They’re an unavoidable cost of doing business, but that doesn’t mean they are out of your control.

In fact, we work with cannabis businesses to strategically set up their HRIS and payroll systems in a way that facilitates compensation analysis, benchmarking, and consistent organizational optimization.

Your HRIS system should be able to handle everything your team needs from hire to retire and from onboarding to offboarding. We work with you to setup systems so employees have access to information such as accrued PTO, benefits, learning management, and other frequently asked questions to minimize the load on your HR staff.

You’re busy ensuring your business lives up to your mission and dreams. We give you the peace of mind that your operation is running smoothly and all of your HR systems are providing you with stability, predictability, and insight.

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