At Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting, we help our clients flourish beyond their initial investments with our cannabis growth consulting services. Working together, we’ll identify growth opportunities and provide an assessment and opportunity audit that enables you to visualize the opportunities for growth and continuous improvement so you can reach your fullest potential.


Business Development is fundamental to building a lifelong cannabis brand. From startup assessments, growth consulting, vetted funding networks, financial tracking, and full business development evaluations and strategy plans, we are here to help you grow and strengthen your cannabusiness through experienced business development consulting.


As the cannabis industry continues to expand, there are increasing opportunities to combine skills, value, assets, and resources through mergers and acquisitions. However, negotiating these delicate agreements and landing on a deal that is lucrative and financially beneficial for all involved parties requires time, experience, and creativity. Talk to the growth consultants at Higher Yields Consulting before considering your next big move.


The HYC Investment Fund allows investors to contribute to hand-selected projects that the experts at Higher Yields have chosen specifically for their potential and longevity. Investors receive dividends commensurate with their contribution to the fund, all while enjoying the stress-free experience of having Higher Yields manage the investment.


Real estate is a pivotal piece of your cannabis application, licensing, and business plan. The first step to finding the right property is to determine if the asset is in a cannabis approved zone. Many non-cannabis financial entities or agents do not know how to properly evaluate the zoning laws or the true value of your property as a cannabusiness. We make it easy with our cannabis real estate evaluation, what we call a “Green Zone Assessment.”


In addition to providing real estate evaluations, Higher Yields Consulting has a network of experienced cannabis industry professionals that our clients are able to leverage in order to find their perfect cannabis property. Access our listings or contact us today to learn more about purchasing a cannabis property, with or without an established license.


The right technology helps guide cannabis owners and operators to make informed investment and expansion decisions. At HYC, our Data Analysis Program provides clients with real, unbiased, and actionable data you can use to grow your business intelligently. Plus, our ERP selection and implementation services bring all departments of the organization together to streamline communication, achieve optimal efficiency, and scale your business.


Federal legislation prevents marijuana-related businesses from openly banking, creating a cash crisis and public safety issues within the industry. HYC has innovated a compliant cannabis banking platform that will help your cannabis business navigate the complexities of banking in a high-risk industry. Our cannabis compliance banking experts have devised a program integrating both current state and federal regulations.


Want to ensure your cannabis business is operating – or going to operate – at maximum efficiency to get you the best yields and profits? HYC’s “Quick Starter” Efficiency Assessment evaluates your entire organization for process, procedure, and policy. After assessing all departments, we create a customized solution that identifies and remedies gaps within your organization and increases the overall efficiency while mitigating risk.


HYC’s Cannabis Enterprise Management services are designed to fill gaps and further develop opportunities for businesses looking to expand. Don’t waste time and resources hiring multiple team members for individual projects. Get the expertise of HYC’s consultants to save you time and money while completing your projects with mastery while adding valuable insight and experience to your organization.


Leverage HYC’s robust network of clients, projects, and opportunities throughout the United states and around the world to grow your MSO business. By partnering with HYC, MSOs seeking out new markets benefit from having opportunities served up on a silver platter. With an ecosystem of contractors, colleagues, and relationships to support breaking into new territories, HYC is here to help strengthen your MSO for sustainable growth and expansion.
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