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All Season Prevention Program (ASP)

Preventative maintenance is a must for indoor cannabis cultivation. It saves your business money on your utilities, increases production, and mitigates revenue lost from production shut down due to system failures. Optimize your cannabis grow facility today so you can sleep well at night knowing you planned ahead.

optimize your cannabis Grow Room Operation

Specificity is key in a world of generality and this holds true in most industries. For example, many people have a vehicle (general), but they picked this vehicle based off certain needs (specificity). A construction worker will likely find that the qualities of a truck will allow him to carry loads of drywall, while a small sedan would not. This principle holds true in the cannabis industry as well. General HVAC companies and/or unqualified labors are unable to provide services that are specific to the needs of the cannabis industry. They simply do not have the level of knowledge and expertise that is required in such a niche area. Many cannabis facilities and grow rooms are worth millions of dollars. They have environmental equipment that requires skilled laborers with specialized training in cannabis equipment, diagnostics and operations.

The largest capital investment in the cultivation or extraction vertical of the cannabis industry lies in the grow room facility’s buildout. It is the most expensive and the most complicated to get correct. Mother nature must be replicated at the hands of men (or women). Unfortunately, human error is a factor to consider, which makes this endeavor even more complicated.

Mimicking natural and proper lighting, simulating the correct temperature levels and providing the appropriate amount of humidity must always be maintained. When there is a failure, problems within the facility, controls or equipment must be identified immediately. When there is malfunctioning equipment, it can put the facility into crisis mode as it could impact the health, production and potency of the plant, and ultimately, the lifeline of your cannabis business.

Instead of “fixing problems and putting out fires,” Higher Yields Consulting (HYC) looks to provide preventative measures and protocols through their ASP program. This proactive approach allows maintenance to occur before a crisis does. Facility maintenance contributes to achieving projections and maintaining high quality products. Investing in grow room facility maintenance reduces disruption to allow you to increase and sustain production.

The ASP program looks at maintenance by providing a qualified Environmental System Pilot to inspect and service your cooling and heating systems, dehumidifiers, controls and other equipment. This allows small problems and issues to be identified and addressed before they reach crisis capacity such as an expensive total systems failure which could take months to correct.

Reasons to Invest in our Cannabis Garden preventative maintenance program

Image of money rolled up and planted in the ground. Higher Yields Cannabis offers cannabis consulting services for your business growth strategy.
Improve Air Quality
Lower Your Energy Costs
Extend Equipment Life
Fewer costly breakdowns
Identify grow room Issues before they become Major Problems

Customers Will Receive The Following:

Filter Replacement
Check refrigerant levels and inspect for leaks if system is low
Sanitize Drain Lines and Drain Pans
Previous 90 Day Environmental Data Report
Ensure Proper grow room airflow
Restore Condensers and Evaporator Coils
Verify correct operation of grow room thermostat and controls
Verify and Optimize Motor Performance
Itemized Diagnostic Report for each system tested
Custom grow room Packages are available


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Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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