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Cannabis Green Zones Assessment

Cannabis real estate is one of the fastest growing property markets in the U.S. with properties designated as green zones being valuated highly. Laws association to where and what your cannabis business could look like is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our specialty is assisting clients to develop cannabusinesses that have wholesome accomplishments and secure longevity. The Higher Yields Consulting Real Estate team has over a decade of commercial real estate experience, with the positioning and know how to evaluate your goals and property at the highest level. 

Cannabis Green Zones

Green Zones Assessment

The Green Zone Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your property’s potential as a cannabis business. Designating properties as green zones allows applications for cannabis business licenses and permits therein. Mitigate the costs to your business by allowing us to help you vet your properties as green zones and determine their capacity for long-term growth.  

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Why receive a Green Zone Assessment?

Your choice of real estate for your cannabis business can make or break your success. Here’s why you ought to have a Green Zone Assessment completed before buying. 

  1. Increase Property Value: First and foremost, verifying your properties as green zones can increase property value up to 7x per square foot. In Colorado alone, property value for cannabis warehouses, grows, and buildouts has increased +30% per square foot, post green zone designation.


  2. Find what works best for you: An assessment can help evaluate which types of cannabis facilities are best for your property.


  3. Relationship building: An assessment can aid in establishing relationships with local municipalities, zoning, and cannabis reinforcement divisions.

Not sure where to start? The Green Zone Assessment is one of the beginning steps to running the race that is the cannabis industry. Start your journey today by clicking the link or connecting with our Real Estate Team at 

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