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Cannabis Garden & Grow Management

Higher Yields Consulting offers cannabis garden, cultivation, and grow management services that help your cannabis business improve its production, quality, and efficiency. Alleviate your learning curve at an affordable rate, cutting your overhead and increasing profits.


Producing quality cannabis products consistently through proven systems is the only way to grow profitable in the cannabis industry. HYC with time and experience has mastered the best method of producing top shelf cannabis products. At Higher Yields Consulting we create custom cannabis garden management processes to teach you how to optimize cannabis production, dial in your cannabis grow, and increase your profits. 

Surprisingly, the cultivation is where most marijuana businesses are weak. For Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting this has always been our greatest focus and our strongest attribute in this industry. Our cannabis garden management services are where we shine. We have found that all elements of a marijuana business plan run much more smoothly when the grow is well maintained and producing properly. The cannabis cultivation facility is truly the foundation of any great marijuana business. 

lack of knowledge and funding for a cannabis cultivation business will result in empty shelves, discount shelves, and having to rely on other cannabis garden operations for their wholesale items and even items others don’t want to put in their own dispensaries. Our cannabis garden and cultivation management services will alleviate the problem of depending on inferior quality cannabis products. 

Our Cannabis Grow Management Team are the greatest investment you will make in this business. Whether you need assistance with indoor gardeningoutdoor gardeningor help managing your greenhouse, we can even assist you in implementing small changes such as cloning that will make huge impact on your revenue streams. 

Most cannabis businesses find cloning the hardest part of growing. Cannabis cloning is truly the center of any cannabis garden operation. Without good clones, there won’t be good cannabis plants and not enough product worth selling. Without a successful cannabis garden management team, you will find your cannabusiness slowly slipping further and further into an unsustainable red zone. 

Without consistent products cannabis businesses find it hard to plan and compete for customer loyalty. Whether you need a full-time cannabis grow team, special projects assistance like genetic capturing, or a cannabis cultivation expert to teach, evaluate, and solve your cannabis grow issues, we are the one stop shop for all your cannabis garden management needs!  

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Cannabis Facility Design and Buildout Services
Higher Yields Consulting has built over 1 million square feet of cannabis facilities.

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