CANNABIS FACILITY DESIGN BUILD: A Step by Step Blueprint for your Marijuana Business

A full blueprint of cannabis facility Design-Build for your marijuana dispensary, grow facility, or extraction lab

When developing a business in the cannabis space, there are many variables to consider in the beginning stages of development. The first stage is crafting a blueprint of a brick and mortar cannabusiness through the design-build method. This method reduces costs and risks by a large margin for any starting cannabis business.

However, it takes a team of experts from a cannabis consulting company like Higher Yields Consulting, to complete the design-build method. We at HYC organize protocols to complete any dispensary design and construction in a timely manner. Not only are we able to meet deadlines, but we abide by all legal state’s compliance laws the first time around.

We will take you through our organized process of cannabis design-build for you to utilize in your marijuana dispensary, marijuana grow facility, or marijuana extraction lab.

Outdoor grow facilities

Higher Yields Consulting offers professional garden management services and design services for outdoor cannabis grows.

indoor garden Facilities

HYC has designed and built over 1 million square feet of indoor cannabis cultivation facilities. Our team of experts can design and buildout a state-of-the-art facility for you that will be all the envy of your competition.


What is Design-Build?
It’s a delivery method structure that integrates design and construction for the completion of a project with one company under one contract. It’s the act of putting together design and construction to complete the blueprint of a building.

These two go hand in hand as they both require a set of workers in their specific particular-field in getting everything done in a timely manner. It’s used to reduce risks for you as a project owner and increase the productivity of building your marijuana grow facility, marijuana extraction lab, marijuana dispensary facility, or other cannabusiness facility.

It’s completed in an organized way that combines efforts to ensure the safety and completion of any type of building. These are only the nuts and bolts of design-build that make a cannabis facility what it must be, especially in a highly regulated market.

However, if your marijuana business were to operate separately with architectures and several contractors that aren’t needed it could lead to large costs and large time consumption.

Therefore, it’s best to work with a design-build team that have all these done for you to complete a structured building in compliance with your state’s cannabis regulations.


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GreenHouse facilities

Need help with the design and buildout of your cannabis greenhouse facilities? How about garden management services for your pre-existing facility?

Cannabis Compliance RegulationsIN DESIGN BUILD

What are the cannabis compliance regulations in design build?

In order to construct and design a compelling cannabis facility, it’s essential to follow the industry’s zoning and planning laws. Whether your marijuana business is a marijuana grow facility, marijuana dispensary, or marijuana extraction lab, the zoning laws are different for each one in the cannabis industry.

In any of these cannabis businesses you’re in, you must all follow the state’s city of municipality regulations. Each state’s municipality is different meaning you’ll need to follow your state’s center more closely. These laws can be anything from keeping a square footage amount per building you construct to adhering to safety and security standards.

After you correctly identified your state’s municipality zoning, planning, and regulations, your business must keep in mind the following risks as mentioned by AIA trust.

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These are few of the risks associated with operating a cannabis facility you need to consider. It will also help to keep these in mind while designing and building the structure.

However, it takes a team to design and build a cannabis facility that’s compliant in zoning and planning laws.

  • Watch for explosions: A cannabis extraction lab may involve chemicals such as butane that can lead to an explosion. Taking care of safety measures by using less dangerous chemicals involved in testing or extraction labs can reduce the risk of an explosion.
  • Safety of employees: employees working alongside chemicals are inline of inhaling toxic chemicals into their body. The need to keep secure employees from harm is essential. The way to reduce harm is to encode safety protocols in your standard operating procedures that employees must follow to help them avoid catastrophes. This is especially important for a marijuana extraction lab, marijuana grow facility, a marijuana testing lab, and a marijuana dispensary.
  • Your property may be in ruins: The type of leasing for cannabis facilities can harm the environment that the plant is being produced in. The laws of marijuana are illegal through the federal level which means each facility is leased. This is not an ideal way to house cannabis as the area may damage the products. The temperature, ventilation, and climate may not be ideal for the kind of building structure the plant is involved with as well.
  • Electrical systems may pose harm to your plants: When you’re growing cannabis plants, the environment is rotated through electrical systems. If any of the electrical systems go wrong, then the plants may become damaged.

Who is involved in the construction of a cannabis facility?

In order to complete a cohesive and efficient layout of any building, you will need to ensure you’re working with the following workers to complete the project. The list is categorized in order to get the project done accordingly.

  1. Project Manager
  2. Architect
  3. Engineer
  4. Main Contractor
  5. Electrician
  6. Plumber
  7. HVAC Technician
  8. General Labor
  9. And others needed to complete project.

However, if you’re consulting with an experienced and professional cannabis consulting firm to get your design-build process completed, you won’t need to worry about finding the right experts yourself to complete the task.

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting will help you complete the cannabis facility design-build process. You won’t need to worry about whether the project will get done correctly as we have a team already set in place.

Marijuana Extraction facilities

Interested in getting into the cannabis extraction business? Look no further Higher Yields has a team of experienced team members who can help, from design and buildout, to SOPs and more.

Cannabis Dispensary and retail facility Design and Build

Higher Yields has experience design and building out marijuana dispensaries and other retail cannabusiness facilities. 

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