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Cannabis Cultivation Services

Garden Design

Design is the first step in how you will or will not become an efficient and competitive cultivator. – Michael Bernstein, Director of Land Development

The garden is the foundation of any successful cannabis business. Garden design determines the workflow of daily operations and has the potential to optimize facility production and lower operating costs. Producing consistent, quality product takes time and experience. Higher Yields’ design team will customize your facility from the ground up. Our consultants, consisting of engineers, contractors, and master growers, blend their unique cannabis expertise to design and build the most efficient and highest yielding grow spaces. Our contractors have designed, built, or managed over 1 million square feet of state of the art facilities. Our experienced growers collaborate with building architects to ensure optimal harvest and compliance when designing your facility.

Garden Construction

Getting the environment right in a commercial facility can be difficult. If you cut the wrong corner you could lose millions of dollars overnight. – Bryson Guyer, Senior Environmental Consultant

Higher Yields Consulting can provide experienced Project Managers to oversee your entire construction team and expedite completion. It is common to experience inexperience within the industry when working with architects, engineers, general contractors, and subcontractors. 92% of cultivation construction projects run past the projected completion time costing you both time and money. HYC consultants will ensure your facility is functional and built to the highest standards for cannabis production and/or distribution. We will make sure license support is provided and your facility is up to state coding requirements. HYC always uses cutting edge construction techniques and materials, always keeping our clients ahead of the curve.

Garden Management & Training

The hardest part for growers to perfect is the garden rotation. Rotation is where businesses find their highest level of efficiency. – Cory Waggoner, Founder of Higher Yields Consulting

Higher Yields Consulting garden management and training services alleviate your learning curve at an affordable rate, cutting overhead and increasing profits. Our team will guide you through every step of the process, from licensing and application to your first harvest. Our training methods and materials create highly effective and profitable teams with an emphasis on the most current compliance requirements. Grows benefit from working with cultivation trainers from the start – learning best practices and state/local regulations from the experts. Our consultants provide your grow a solid foundation in operational management, removing the difficult guesswork. 88% of marijuana startups underestimate the team members necessary for these projects. HYC keeps your project on track, decreases overhead, and maximizes the bottom line with our Garden Management and Training consulting services.

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Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting

Higher Yields Consulting is a Marijuana Consulting Group comprised of industry experts with decades of combined experience in the legal industry. Whether you are looking to get into the business or already have a license we can help your business succeed. Call (844) HI-YIELD to schedule an initial consultation.

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