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Your Cannabis Cultivation Success Depends on hvac services

An HVAC system of quality should be at the top of any good facility operator’s list. A grow room’s atmosphere control is of high importance, and if it’s not heavily taken into consideration, it could be the weak link in plant growth and become a very expensive error. Having an HVAC system that is built to the specific needs of an operation is crucial to not only the success of growing your product, but also the quality. Legal marijuana product is mostly produced in grow rooms which are specifically designed and customized to grow specific strains of cannabis. HVAC systems for grow rooms are explicitly created for marijuana production. Traditional systems lack the flexibility that’s needed for proper control of the air flow, as they tend to make the environment too dry for a successful grow room. Customized cannabis HVAC systems have a better hold on the levels of humidity and distribution of cooling throughout the room. The better controlled the room, the better the quality of the product. A high efficiency HVAC system is best because they’re reliable, they have long track records and are easily serviceable.

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It’s common for novice operators to not account for the high cost of a quality HVAC system. Business owners attempt to trim their budgets by “underbuilding” their HVAC system, which causes additional problems with cannabis cultivation and ends up costing them more money to fix in the long run. It’s smart practice to enlist the help of an engineer who is familiar with how to build a HVAC system for a cannabis grow facility. Many engineers don’t have experience in the cannabis cultivation field, so they don’t know how to create machines that can adhere to the specifications of a grow room. They need to have the ability to predict what conflicts will arise and how to balance the room so that it operates properly and doesn’t negatively affect the plants. An engineer with cannabis cultivation experience will tell an operator that they should be taking their growers preferences and opinions into consideration. By consulting with the grower, the operator eliminates a plethora of potential problems that only the grower could predict. It is recommended that operators envision the system that they think they’ll need for their facility, and then build it to be 20% larger so that it will sustain their business and grow along with it.

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Our in-house team of architects, foreman, HVAC experts, construction management, and manufacturing consultants can help your cannabis cultivation business build a state of the art facility. Whether it be cannabis cultivation, extraction, or retail business we have decades of experience. Contact us today to get started on building your dream cannabis cultivation facility.

invest in HVAC systems that are easy to adapt

Due to the many outside variables that could affect the atmosphere of the room over time, it’s crucial to have a cannabis cultivation system that has the ability to change and conform. There are many factors that need to be accounted for within the process of installing a cannabis cultivation HVAC system, such as matching your grow lights to your HVAC system’s capabilities. If operators decide to use grow lights that generate more heat, then the AC needs to have the ability to offset that which is crucial to the regulation of temperature in the room. Taking the geographic location of the facility into consideration is also important because the system needs to be able to accommodate and work with the outside environment. Any fluctuation in the environment could cause a reaction in the plants. It’s important to be mindful that the plants may have a reaction to new cannabis cultivation system; how it affects each strain, or everything that goes into a room, such as plant treatments, nutrients, fans, air circulation or dehumidification systems.

always have an environmental backup plan

One of the few tips that seasoned cannabis HVAC engineers strongly recommend is making sure your facility has a backup plan just in case an HVAC unit malfunctions. It’s better to have two 500-ton units than one-thousand-ton unit, this way the business has peace of mind and doesn’t lose any product in the event of a mishap. Another factor to consider is that the cannabis cultivation HVAC system should not only accommodate the plants, but also benefit the employees working in the facility. With everything considered and the cannabis cultivation system built and running, that’s when an operator can start to modify the systems controls to keep costs down. An HVAC system that is built given all these considerations should foster a successful and profitable cannabis cultivation business.

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