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The Latest News in Cannabis
Opportunities in Washington

Washington is one of the most progressive states regarding marijuana, making it an excellent location to start a cannabis business. Both medical and recreational marijuana is legal, which has opened up a vast world of opportunities for those looking to enter the industry.

As of January 2020, some changes have been made to Washington state cannabis regulations:

  • On February 24th, the House Committee on Gaming and Commerce passed SB 6057, allowing price differentials in marijuana sales for long-term contracts or single transactions.
  • On February 25th, the Senate Committee on Labor and Commerce passed SB 6579 and HB 2826, a compromise ensuring that botanically derived terpenes are allowed in cannabis vapor products.
  • Also, on February 25th, the Senate Committee on Labor and Commerce passed SB 6604 and HB 2870. It releases retail cannabis licenses and creates a Marijuana Social Equity Task Force.

As of March 23rd, the OLCC temporarily approved curbside pick-up and increased the flower amounts that customers can purchase in one day. These temporary changes due to COVID-19 are meant to ensure that the marijuana industry stays viable through the crisis. Retail locations can conduct sales to customers outside of their premises as long as they are within 150 feet of the building.

In order to comply with the temporary approval, retailers must adhere to the following:

  • Curbside delivery is only available for orders placed ahead of time.
  • Curbside delivery can only be done during the retailer’s regular business hours.
  • All sale metrics must be recorded as with any other sale.
  • All curbside orders must contain the requestor’s name and birthday, requested delivery date, and a document detailing the order amounts and prices.
  • An ID check is still mandatory for all orders, although a written signature is not.
  • The OLCC does not mandate that sales occur within the business’s camera coverage, but they highly recommended it.

Potential license applicants, whether retail or production, should be advised that the application window is currently closed. Interested parties can go here to sign up for updates on the next available window.

As of 2019, Washington has awarded the following licenses:

  • 1,054 processor/producer licenses
  • 504 retailer licenses
  • 151 producer licenses
  • 221 processor licenses
  • 17 transportation licenses

The OLCC is currently accepting registrations for medical marijuana co-ops.

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The History of
Cannabis in Washington

Washington legalized medical marijuana in 1998 when the state passed ballot I-692. Since that time, several changes have broadened the program. Qualified medical patients can possess up to 24 ounces of marijuana and up to 15 plants.

Recreational marijuana was passed in 2012 with Initiative 502, legalizing marijuana for adults over the age of 21. Adults can hold up to one ounce of recreational cannabis. They must consume it in private since public consumption is a civil infraction.

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Market Conditions
in Washington

Washington’s cannabis industry is booming. It’s a competitive market earning businesses plenty of money. In 2018 and 2019, monthly sales averaged $90 million. In 2019, total sales hit $1.1 billion.

All cannabis product sales are increasing in Washington. Non-flower products, such as concentrates and edibles, account for almost half of the state’s sales. Dried flower sales account for about 54%.

If you want to join the exciting cannabis industry in Washington state, you don’t have to do it alone. At Higher Yield Consulting, we know that the regulations and the complicated licensing process can seem overwhelming. Our team of cannabis industry experts can help you navigate the system every step of the way.

We know how to handle licensing, safety and security, marketing and branding, and more. Call us today at (844) 449-4353 or contact us online to find out why HYC can make all the difference in your success.

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