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Regulatory Status of Cannabis in Vermont

Vermont seems like a nearly perfect venue for cannabis lovers. After all, it is the home some of the planet’s finest maple syrup, world-famous white cheddar cheese, and, perhaps most importantly, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Yet, Vermont has a bit further to go before it achieves the status of a state that has fully legalized cannabis.

While Vermont has had medical marijuana and dispensary programs and policies in place for several years, it wasn’t until 2018 that recreational marijuana became legal within the state; 14 years after allowing certified patients to access medical cannabis with a physician’s recommendation.  However, Vermont’s 2018 cannabis legislation allows anyone who is 21-years of age or older to lawfully possess, consume, or cultivate cannabis for personal use.  

Although possessing and consuming cannabis in a private setting may now be legal, driving under the influence of pot is definitely not. DWI laws in Vermont can be quite severe, with even first-time offenders possibly facing up to two years in state prison. In an effort to reduce the number of drivers who may attempt to claim that they are not intoxicated with marijuana, authorities are now also empowered to conduct saliva testing on drivers who may be suspected of driving while impaired.

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Cannabis in Vermont: Licensing and Consulting Services


Originally, after medical marijuana was legalized in 2004, access to medical cannabis dispensaries was strictly limited to those who had been medical diagnosed by a state-certified physician. At that time, only five dispensaries had been authorized to operate within Vermont. 

Under the new law, the legislature has expanded the number of state-authorized dispensaries from the original five, which were originally provided for under the earlier medical legislation. Dispensaries have now been established in numerous townships around the state. However, private storefront operations as they exist in most of the other states, allowing both medical and recreational cannabis, remain illegal in Vermont.

The good news is that the Vermont House just approved a new bill that would create a legal retail market within the state, which would allow retail dispensaries to begin opening their doors for business as early as 2020. The new retail dispensary law also mandates a 20% sales tax that is projected to significantly expand the state coffers.

Cannabis in Vermont: Licensing and Consulting Services


When it comes to the cultivation of industrial hemp within state borders, Vermont seems to be a bit behind the national curve. Many far more socially conservative states jumped on the hemp bandwagon shortly after the passage of the Federal Farm Bill back in 2014. However, the State Legislature eventually allowed farmers of industrial hemp to register with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture and begin cultivation activities in 2020.

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