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Regulatory Status of Cannabis in New Hampshire

Although New Hampshire is situated in a region where many neighboring states are strongly progressive, it remains predominately moderate, which may be one of the reasons why it has been a bit behind the national curve of other states that have restructured their cannabis laws to accommodate medical and often recreational use of the herb.

While a bill allowing for the medical use of marijuana was technically signed into law in July of 2013, at the time, it was considered to have some of the most restrictive stipulations of such laws in the entire nation. 

Legal access to cannabis was only allowed for those patients diagnosed with a chronic or terminal disease that had incited a debilitating medical condition where all other forms of treatment had been unsuccessful. To complicate matters, New Hampshire’s governor then modified the bill to include a prohibition prohibiting patients from cultivating their own cannabis to treat their condition.  

In 2014, the New Hampshire legislature attempted to pass HB-492, which was modeled after the landmark law in Colorado that allowed legal possession of up to one ounce of cannabis by individuals aged 21 or older, and also set up a template for the regulation of its production and retail sale. While the bill narrowly passed the House in a 170 to 162 vote, it was later defeated in the State Senate. 

In February of 2020, an amended bill was passed in the House that limited adult possession to ¾ ounce maximum, along with the ability to grow up to 6 marijuana plants for personal use. The bill would not, however, set up the framework for the establishment of a commercial market. The bill now goes to the State Senate. 

It should be noted that the current Governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, is opposed to legalizing adult possession or allowing medical cannabis patients to cultivate it for personal use.

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Higher Yields Consulting - Cannabis in New Hampshire: Licensing and Consulting

New Hampshire

Although it is legal for certified medical patients to obtain cannabis, there are only four licensed dispensaries within the state. This has complicated things immensely during the coronavirus pandemic, leaving a large number of patients wondering if and how they can access their medication. 

Fortunately, the few but mighty dispensaries that are within New Hampshire have responded valiantly by remaining open and increasing their accommodations for drive-thru service.

Higher Yields Consulting - Cannabis in New Hampshire: Licensing and Consulting


With the passage of HB-459 in June 2019, the State of New Hampshire finally started taking applications from farmers within the state to legally begin cultivating industrial hemp containing less than .03% THC. 

Because these changes regarding commercial hemp production are coming so late in the game, New Hampshire farmers involved in its production face a bevy of challenges. Most significant is the fact that if their crop should exceed the mandated .03% THC to .05% or more, they could face hefty fines or criminal charges.

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