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Higher Yields Cannabis Consultants offers a full range of cannabis consulting services to help you navigate the Ohio marijuana regulations. Our vertically integrated consulting system offers a path to business success. From startup to scaling and expansion of your cannabis-related business and everything in-between our team of industry experts can help. If you have any questions please contact us online or call (844) HI-YIELD.

The Latest Ohio Marijuana Opportunities

As of April 15, 2021, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy approved adding 73 more dispensaries licenses. This change comes because many medical cannabis patients had to travel far distances to get to their nearest dispensary. These licenses are to be added only in districts that exceed 1,200 patients per dispensary to bring that number below 1,200.

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Ohio Marijuana Regulations and Business Opportunities

The History of
Cannabis in Ohio

In June 2016, Ohio created the Medical Marijuana Control Program to legalize cannabis for medical use. Ohio’s medical cannabis program currently has about 177,000 patients, which has almost doubled since the previous year. Overall, Ohio’s medical cannabis program continues to see growth.  

Ohio Marijuana Regulations and Business Opportunities

The Ohio
Marijuana Market

Ohio currently is only legal for medical cannabis and does not allow adult use. As of March 2021, Ohio has done $338 million in total sales for medical cannabis. There currently are 57 Dispensary Licenses, 48 and Processor Licenses, 20 Level I Cultivator Licenses, 14 Level II Cultivator Licenses, and 7 Testing Labs. As of now, Ohio is only accepting applications for dispensaries. The Ohio marijuana market is highly competitive to enter but does pose great opportunities for success. However, success in such a competitive market cannot occur without several factors such as teamwork, market research, hard work, and cannabis industry experts to guide you. 

 Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting (HYC) is here to help you navigate this terrain. Their large team of cannabis experts from compliance to design, safety and security, design and build, marketing and branding, and more can provide the expertise you need to set your cannabis business up for success. HYC will help you eliminate frustrating learning curves that can put a standstill on your achievements. Don’t give your competition an easy victory. With HYC at your side, let your competition worry, not you. 

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If you are looking to attain a license for hemp or cannabis in Ohio Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting can help. Our team of cannabis licensing consultants and technical writers has had great success helping newcomers and experienced operators attain licenses all over the world.

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