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Higher Yields Cannabis Consultants offers a full range of cannabis consulting services in the United Kingdom. Our vertically integrated consulting system offers a path to business success. From startup to scaling and expansion of your cannabis-related business and everything in-between our team of industry experts can help. If you have any questions please contact us online or call (844) HI-YIELD.

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United Kingdom Cannabis Consultants

Access to Products
in the UK

While the United Kingdom does not presently permit the operation of storefront dispensaries, as do certain areas within the United States and Canada, there are online distributors that can process and arrange for delivery of your purchase in a timely manner.

There is also the option of joining a cannabis social club. Today, there are nearly 100 of these groups in the United Kingdom, which are generally comprised of up to about 150 members. Each of these clubs, many affiliated with the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs (UKCSC), remains a separate entity that is certified as a non-profit organization, and many donate any unused funds to the local community in which they operate. 

If you have any questions about your cannabis cultivation options in the UK, contact Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting at (844) HI-YIELD. We have built our reputation upon decades of assisting investors, entrepreneurs, established businesses, and start-ups in navigating and securing a path to success in the ever-burgeoning cannabis industry. We can also assist clients with a wide spectrum of consulting services in areas such as branding and marketing, licensing, compliance, and cultivation management. 

United Kingdom Cannabis Consultants

Regulatory Status of Cannabis
in the United Kingdom

Cannabis continues to be a Class B controlled drug in the United Kingdom, and is unlawful to possess, produce, import, export, supply or cultivate, unless a group is specifically licensed to do so by the government’s Home Office. The Home Office is exclusively charged with vetting and approving licensing applications from companies and individuals within the UK that wish to be involved in any of the following activities:

  • Cultivation
  • Production/Manufacturing
  • Import/Export
  • Supply

Each application is carefully considered by the Home Office, based upon its individual merits, as well as the applicant’s ability and willingness to comply with all regulatory standards under the law.

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Licenses in The United Kingdom

If you are looking to attain a license for hemp or cannabis in The United Kingdom Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting can help. Our team of cannabis licensing consultants and technical writers has had great success helping newcomers and experienced operators attain licenses all over the world.

Hemp Cultivation

The hemp industry in the United Kingdom has been growing at an exponential rate since 2018. While industrial hemp comes from the cannabis plant, it contains only traceable amounts of THC (generally less than 0.2%), while the term ‘marijuana’ is used to describe plants containing a higher percentage of THC.

The Home Office requires that numerous documents be completed and presented for review and approval before any permit is issued, allowing the cultivation of industrial hemp in the UK.

Industrial hemp is primarily used in the production of CBD oil.  Since CBD oil does not contain a sufficient level of THC to be classified as illegal, it has been legally permitted in the UK since 1972. Currently, CBD oil is obtainable over-the-counter, and medicinal cannabis oils containing higher levels of THC are available through a doctor’s prescription.

The Home Office rules covering the cultivation of industrial hemp include:

  • The exact physical location of the hemp cultivation, and complete ownership information must be provided.
  • Applicants have to undergo and pass a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service).
  • Applicants must pay a licensing fee of £580, as well as a £326 renewal fee.
  • The Home Office must pre-approve the specific seed strain used in the cultivation process.
  • Crops cannot be cultivated in socially sensitive areas, such as schools or public parks.

The cultivation site may also be subject to a compliance visit, although this is not common, and applications are generally considered by assessing the electronic application only.

Last updated: July 2022

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