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Entering the cannabis industry is no small feat – it requires commitment, countless hours of planning and strategy work, and a significant financial investment.

If you’re weighed down with uncertainty, afraid of failure, and wondering if your cannabis business idea has potential, then get the clarity you need with a feasibility study from the cannabis business experts at Higher Yields.


Cannabis serves as a great economic opportunity for individuals, states, and countries around the world. But more importantly than that, we at Higher Yields Consulting are on a mission to bring the medicinal benefits of cannabis to communities all over the world by building successful cannabis businesses and brands while elevating the quality standards used to monitor and regulated those consumable goods.

The cannabis industry has proven itself to be a valuable source of job creation, as well as tax revenue that can be used by local governments to improve schools and local infrastructure. To help local communities and the businesses that serve them do more good that the cannabis industry can make possible, we are active in helping shape domestic and international legislation while also supporting cannabusinesses from seed to sale to scale. 

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