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Cannabis business owners are extremely fortunate in that cannabis, hemp, and their derivatives have nearly endless applications. Because of this, many up-and-coming cannabusinesses that have struggled to receive adequate cannabis financing may qualify for R&D grants to help them hit key milestones to satisfy and attract investors.

Learn more about how Higher Yields Consulting can help you fulfill your cannabis financing needs through research and development grants.


Rather than searching for “cannabis grants” and the like, it’s important to think outside the box when looking for applicable grants that can help finance your cannabis startup.

Grants are made available for a specific purpose: To solve a problem. When thinking about which grants you may be eligible for, consider which problems your product, service, or innovation can solve.

Are you developing consumable products that may alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, depression, or sleep disorders? Are you engineering a new strain of cannabis that could potentially help Alzheimer’s sufferers? Are you passionate about helping veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorder?

Rather than focusing on the materials you’re working with, focus on the problems that are receiving funding to find solutions.


The hard truth about starting any business is that there are no guarantees. There’s no guarantee that you will receive investment funds or that your second or third rounds of funds will come through.

However, there is a great deal that can be done to strengthen your position and begin consolidating funds from a variety of sources.

When you begin to factor grant funding into your business and cannabis financing strategy, you accomplish multiple goals at once:


  • You secure multiple streams of funding
  • You reduce your risk of stalling progress in case one or more streams comes to a halt
  • You fortify your odds of hitting key milestones that will please existing investors and attract others
  • You prove your ingenuity, creativity, and proof of concept to investors

If you’re struggling to begin your operation and want to protect your equity by accomplishing key milestones and goals in your business development, R&D grants may be a smart strategic option for securing your startup cannabis financing.

Curious to find out which R&D grants can help with your
startup cannabis financing?

We help you identify the best grant opportunities, meet requirements for funding, and manage your award and compliance.


If you’re a startup cannabis business owner and you’re lacking seed funding, grants are a great way to keep the ball rolling and to build momentum in your business while also showing proof of concept until you can get investors to see your vision and support your mission.

R&D grants can be used to secure intellectual property, develop products, initiate branding and marketing, and develop your HR and operational plans – and more.

At Higher Yields Consulting, we take a data-driven approach to vetting potential grants and narrowing the scope of which grants are the most viable to apply for.

Using a proprietary software, we sift through massive quantities of data including whether grants are funded or unfunded, whether the grant terms and timelines align with your business goals, causes and initiatives that you qualify for, and problems that your unique product or service can solve.

We support startup and developing businesses by:

  • Vetting potential grants
  • Matching members of the grant pool with demographically-focused grants, such as those with social equity missions or that are seeking minority- or female-owned businesses
  • Matching you with collaborative business owners to create a stronger application
  • Enhancing winnability with data to save time and effort on your behalf
  • Prioritizing potential grants to quicken the funding process
  • Grant application writing, including compiling budgets and forecasting
  • Grant application submission and tracking
  • Grant award tracking, compliance, and reporting
  • Grant renewals

Using R&D grants as a cannabis financing strategy can often be overwhelming for business owners to manage on their own, which is why we support our clients from start to finish, including tracking all of your applications, managing the grant award, and ensuring compliance and reporting is complete to maximize your opportunity for additional funding or grant renewal.


Although grants are often awarded in 6- or 12-month durations, they are awarded with massive, long-standing problems in mind, such as battling Alzheimer’s, preventing dementia, or curing cancer.

The truth is that the government and private entities that are funding grants that you may be eligible for are planning for long-term solutions, which means they are seeking committed long-term partners to help them achieve the big picture.

This implicit structure opens the door for renewing your grant funding year after year.

Additionally, the government is particular about awarding grants to businesses with the proper organizational structure, qualifications, and validity of experience. Higher Yields Consulting offers all of these criteria, as well as years of experience working with Fortune30 companies – all of which give you a strategic advantage in securing R&D grant funding to supplement your cannabis financing.

Partnering with Higher Yields Consulting gives you the validity, organizational structure, and management skills you need to make the most of your grant opportunities.

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