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Entering the cannabis industry is no small feat – it requires commitment, countless hours of planning and strategy work, and a significant financial investment.

If you’re weighed down with uncertainty, afraid of failure, and wondering if your cannabis business idea has potential, then get the clarity you need with a feasibility study from the cannabis business experts at Higher Yields.


The cannabis industry is highly complex and regulated. A Feasibility Study from the cannabis business experts at Higher Yields brings clarity, processes, and systems to your business idea so you can startup strong!

Build your business on proven practices, not theories.

At Higher Yields Consulting, our Feasibility Studies are based on thorough market research, data, and more than 100 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry. 

Our phased approach allows us to mitigate risks and protect your investment in your budding cannabis business so you can shorten the time to profitability as you ramp up your operation.

We Bring Clarity to an
Uncertain Business Venture

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Get a Feasibility Study from the Cannabis Business Experts

What Is a Feasibility Study?

In performing a Feasibility Study, we research and provide strategic direction for every aspect of your unique business. In addition to consultation calls with our team of cannabis business experts, you will receive a documented strategy and roadmap for a successful operation under your unique vision.

Get a Feasibility Study from the Cannabis Business Experts

Will My Feasibility Study Be Unique?

Absolutely! Every cannabis business we work with is unique – and therefore, every Feasibility Study is unique. Our goal is to honor your goals, reasons for getting into the cannabis industry, mission, values, and brand in everything that we do.

When we begin working together, we’ll meet to discuss your vision for your business. Then, our cannabis business experts will go to work curating market research, demand generating strategies, and decades' worth of systems, processes, and resources.

Get a Feasibility Study from the Cannabis Business Experts

What Is Included In a Feasibility Study?

Your Feasibility Study will include market research, a SWOT analysis, financial models, and brand-specific strategies which will serve as your roadmap to success.

Our cannabis business experts will tailor your Feasibility Study to your exact stage of business and the largest obstacles you’re facing. Based on your specific needs – such as licensing support, real estate, financing, facility design and build, cannabis banking, and more – we will include guidance to get you on the road to success!

Get a Feasibility Study from the Cannabis Business Experts

How Long Will a Feasibility Study Last?

Our goal is to get you to your goal. If you want to grow and scale your business in the future, we’ll build your Feasibility Study with your long-term trajectory in mind. We’ll ensure that everything you’re building today based on our Feasibility Study is taking you to your desired end goal in the fastest, most efficient, and most fiscally responsible way possible.

As a client of Higher Yields Consulting, you also get access to our vast international network of businesses, partners, and influential leaders in the cannabis industry, which can accelerate your path to your goals.


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When Should I Seek Out a Feasibility Study?

A Feasibility Study is designed to not only give your cannabis business the best strategic footing in the marketplace, but also to correct or improve upon any existing systems and structures.

We provide Feasibility Studies for businesses at the following stages: 


Before you head into the licensing process, a Feasibility Study from the trusted cannabis experts at Higher Yields will ensure you are putting your best strategy and the strongest facets of your business forward in order to obtain the license and supporting assets you need. 

Post-Licensing, Pre-Operation

If you have secured your license and are ready to begin the development of your operation, a Feasibility Study will connect the dots from your theoretical business plan to your actual, tangible operation. A Feasibility Study from Higher Yields will support you in optimizing everything from your facility design and build to your staffing, product development, and compliance. 

Post-Operation for Efficiency & Expansion

Our cannabis business experts frequently perform Feasibility Studies on existing cannabis businesses in order to elevate the efficiency and profitability of the business. Particularly if you plan to expand your business, a Feasibility Study will give you the roadmap to faster success.

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