Higher Yields Consulting is an internationally recognized consulting firm with its home office located in Denver, Colorado. As the cannabis industry grows, we see countless opportunities for investors and businesses to benefit mutually. Now, we’re striving to open the doors to marijuana investing for people at every level of desired risk and return.

The HYC Investment Fund allows investors to contribute to hand-selected projects that the experts at Higher Yields have chosen specifically for their potential and longevity. Investors receive dividends commensurate with their contribution to the fund, all while enjoying the stress-free experience of having Higher Yields manage the investment.



Knowing where to invest in the cannabis industry hinges on understanding the many moving pieces within the market. At Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting, we constantly have our fingers on the pulse of the cannabis market, emerging opportunities, and evolving legislation around the country.

As we track the history and trends of different markets, we evaluate how they stack up against emerging opportunities. Then, we give you realistic assessments and projections of those opportunities so you can make the smartest marijuana investing moves to support your financial and business goals.

Schedule a call with us to learn more about where you can get into the cannabis industry with the least risk and maximum potential for reward.


The cannabis industry is ripe with opportunity for marijuana investing – if you know where to look. From dispensaries to cultivation to stocks to real estate and more, we are specially trained to identify opportunities and recognize budding potential.

Higher Yields Consulting has special operators all around the world that allow us to invest smart, diversify our marijuana investing portfolio, and bring interesting and new projects to our group investors.

We find opportunities at every stage of the value chain.

Higher Yields Consulting Marijuana Investing


Higher Yields Consulting Marijuana Investing


Higher Yields Consulting Marijuana Investing

Real Estate

Higher Yields Consulting Marijuana Investing


Higher Yields Consulting Marijuana Investing

Special Projects

Furthermore, because our investments are diversified and shared among a larger network, risks are minimized and benefits are maximized. 

Not only do our group investors benefit from a lower-risk, lower-stress marijuana investing experience, but also they enjoy connections and networking opportunities with other investors. 


With the Higher Yields Investing Fund, our experts at HYC find the most lucrative opportunities in the cannabis industry and invest in them using group funds.

Then we pay dividends directly to our investors.

Minimize Risk & Maximize Return

At Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting, we have a deep understanding of the cannabis industry and a nearly limitless network that allows us to access opportunities early with insight not available to people outside of the industry.

Rather than venture into marijuana investing on your own, experience the difference of benefiting from joint ventures and group-funded investments.

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