Cannabis Branding Services: Balancing Compliance & Creativity

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Branding can make or break new businesses in any industry, and unfortunately, many new businesses underestimate the power of a truly effective brand. The cannabis industry is no different — solid branding is critical for success — and most business owners can’t do it all on their own. For this reason, an investment in cannabis branding services is an investment in your business’s success.

Cannabis Branding Services: Balancing Compliance & Creativity

Unlike other industries, though, branding in cannabis is more complicated because businesses must stay compliant with strict regulations. Cannabis branding professionals make the process simple and straightforward, without stifling ingenuity and creativity.

Here’s what to look for in cannabis branding services and how to effectively brand your budding cannabis operation.

Compliance in Cannabis Branding

As with most aspects of the industry, stringent regulations weigh heavily on cannabis branding. These regulations govern everything from brand partnerships to marketing language, and they can even be impacted by what kind of cannabis business you operate. Being aware of and understanding such regulations makes maintaining compliance quite doable.

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) has defined a set of Advertising Standards for cannabis brands to follow. These comprehensive standards dictate how brands can advertise their product. For example, cannabis businesses cannot:

  • Advertise on TV or radio unless people under 21 make up less than 15% of the audience.
  • Appeal, in any way, to children or anyone under the legal age for consumption.
  • Make any health or medical claims that haven’t been approved.

These standards help ensure consumer safety and industry legitimacy. Failing to comply can be devastating for a cannabis business, but building and maintaining compliance is easier than you think. Understanding regulations and standards is the key to building a compliant brand.

On the other hand, ancillary cannabis businesses — like HVAC, security, or cannabis law — face far fewer regulations. Because of more relaxed restrictions, ancillary businesses have become quite lucrative in the cannabis industry. For entrepreneurs looking to get into an ancillary cannabis sector, our Pivot Program can help!

Building Your Brand

Whether you decide to invest in cannabis branding services or take care of things in-house, crafting a successful cannabis brand is tough. Since cannabis brands can’t advertise to children, vibrant colors and overly cartoonish designs are off the table. Instead, use neutral tones and homogenous designs that will appeal to an older audience.

Cannabis Branding Services: Balancing Compliance & Creativity

Cannabis branding is about building a business’s identity that’s both professional and appropriate for the market. Regulations and advertising standards draw a box within which all brands must be contained. In most cases, creativity is defined by thinking outside of the box. In cannabis, though, creativity is defined by staying inside the box.

Examples of Solid Brands

Sometimes brand builders need a bit of inspiration, so we’ve included a few of our favorite cannabis brands. Take a look at these paragons of creative compliance!


The modern yet classy brand Cookies tastefully uses celebrity partnerships and creative design to further their urban, accessible, and high-end cannabis brand.

Coda Signature

In a unique twist, Coda Signature focuses on everything but the flower. They capitalize on their artisanal cannabis products to deliver a clean, modern, and elegant brand experience.

Wolf Pac Cannabis

Based in Denver, Colorado, Wolf Pac Cannabis works with influencers to expertly increase brand awareness. At Wolf Pac, it’s less about a product and more about a lifestyle.

First Matter 710

With high-quality extraction, First Matter 710 markets their cannabis brand and product as an all-around premium experience. From the logo to the packaging, everything about this brand screams sharp and clean.

What to Look for in Cannabis Branding Services

When building your cannabis brand, your first goal should be compliance. Once you’ve established adherence to relevant regulations, your business can develop a captivating and unique brand that is both creative and compliant.

If you’re in the market for cannabis branding services, we here at Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting has you covered. Whether your vibe is classic and timeless or edgier and avant-garde, our branding services team can help you create a professional and compliant brand that is perfect for the market.

Interested in making the most of your cannabis brand? Reach out and book your consultation today!

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