Cannabis Branding: How To Build Loyalty

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The cannabis industry is a highly competitive marketplace – you may have the highest quality products on your shelves, but if your branding is inconsistent or unattractive, customers will ignore you. The rule here is that the market determines your value, not your ideas on how valuable you are. This is where our cannabis branding design services come into play.

As a business, your branding is one of the most essential components to standing out from the crowd and having success in a saturated market. Branding with integrity means consistency across all areas of your business where customers interact with your products and services.

Consider that your branding efforts are the market-facing expression of your company’s vision, mission, and values. Why are you in the business? What makes your products different? What are your commitments to your customers? Your company communicates these ideas through its branding.

Your branding is how you express your company’s personality to the market. As such, inspiring your customers to create a lasting bond with your products and services means that you must create a sense of familiarity for your fans. You’re creating an experience for your customers that is not only elevating, but also unique and unlike the dozens of other companies that offer the same or similar products.

In the cannabis industry, there are three main areas where really nailing your branding will make the biggest difference in how you are perceived by the market.

Your logo is the face of your business and your graphic design (fonts, colors, and images) is the foundation for all of your branding efforts. Your company has a specific style it wants to express – it starts with your logo and is supported by how well you express that style through your choice of fonts and colors.

Are you elegant or industrial? Are you bold and assertive, or laid back and chill? Your logo and graphic design instantly communicates the feeling of your company to the consumer, so take some time on doing it right, because attraction counts.

Product branding and packaging is the literal texture of your business. When a customer looks at and holds onto your product, when they feel the ink on the box and see how its been designed, you are communicating. The cannabis industry is always evolving, and you must consistently upgrade the way you capture attention. Standing out from the crowd depends on how unique and innovative your products are on dispensary shelves, so investing in package design is the smartest way to differentiate your brand.

Generating a committed brand following doesn’t only happen inside the dispensary, but also online on your website and social media channels. Your website is the digital home of your business. Ensuring that it is themed appropriately – your fonts and colors are uniform with your logo, graphic design, and product packaging – communicates style and integrity in your business.

Additionally, how your company interacts on social media with your fans and customers is integral to your success. What you share and communicate on social media is an opportunity to speak directly with your customers and drive home your difference, which can increase sales and ROI.

Overall, consistency with your branding is the biggest difference-maker for success in the cannabis industry. It is your company’s opportunity to express itself in the marketplace, and being consistent, attractive, and innovative will ensure that you stand out and capture the attention that you deserve.

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