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Anthony Adkins
Chief Revenue Officer

Anthony is a Market Development and Leadership Strategist who collaborates with C-Level Executives, Sales Professionals and Business Development Specialists to create revenue and increase demand for their products and services while gaining top of mind awareness in the markets they serve.  After three decades in Sales Leadership, Strategic Marketing and Business Development working with and for billion-dollar brands and multi-national enterprises, Anthony knows what truly drives inspired behavior to connect with the market, develop lasting partnerships, and pursue excellence with those he collaborates with. 

Anthony is an expert business strategist and has developed, led and helped his sales teams close many multiyear and multimillion-dollar contracts in his career. Through his leadership ability, innovative approach to business development and strategic approach to marketing he has turned around failing companies, sales teams, and busines development divisions.  This is most recently evident by turning around an entire Sales Division by increasing sales to elevate year over year revenue by 35% in less than 10 months and skyrocketing net new revenue from $3.8MM to $12.1MM, while strengthening market share in a challenging and highly competitive market.  

Anthony is trained in advanced negotiations, technology solutions including but not limited to CPaaSUCaaS, SaaS and cloud managed serviceand an expert in strategic and consultative sales.  Furthermore, he has over 20 plus years in leadership development training. 

He has a passion for holistic and innovative medicine and has extensive insight and applied research in the cannabis and hemp industries.  His hobbies are based in physical, mental, emotional, and medicinal well-being that takes on many forms. 

Anthony holds a Bachelor in Arts in Information Systems and Marketing from Augustana University at Sioux Falls, SD. 


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